Saturday, July 4, 2020

Too much DHA supplementation during pregnancy may cause discomfort

What is DHA?

DHA is an important component of human cell membranes, and is also indispensable for promoting the development of human brain and retina. It can maintain the normal activity of nerve cells, help the formation of brain thinking and memory, and improve the visual acuity of the retina.

When should pregnant mothers eat DHA during pregnancy?

There are three stages of eating DHA during pregnancy. These three stages are called peak periods, which are three stages that help the development of the fetus.

The first stage: early pregnancy (first month of pregnancy)

Pregnant mothers can supplement DHA about three weeks of pregnancy. This is the time for fetal blastocysts and brain vesicles to develop. Brain cells increase rapidly. At this time, DHA is needed to help development. Many mothers may say that the body stores Why do you have to add DHA? Because the pregnant mother's body does not store enough for the baby to develop and absorb, it should be supplemented.

Second stage: mid-pregnancy (four months of pregnancy)

Pregnant mothers are about 17 weeks pregnant and need to supplement DHA. By this month, it is the second stage of the baby’s brain development. During this period of time, there will be memory traces in the baby’s brain, which is also the peak period of fetal brain cell development, accompanied by Hearing and vision have begun to develop, which is why nutrition supplements began during the second trimester. Because many organs of the fetus begin to develop this month, the nutrition needs are great, and the mother’s body storage is not enough for the baby to absorb, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to the nutrition during the second trimester Ingest.

The third stage: the third trimester (seven months pregnant)

The pregnant mother is about 29 weeks pregnant. Many pregnant mothers think that the baby has been formed, and the nutrition stored in the body is usually enough. This idea is wrong. The brain of the fetus is not formed until the third trimester and needs pregnancy. The mother continues to supplement DHA to help the fetus develop. At this stage, the baby's brain tree will further develop to promote the fetal nerve center and motor system, and the fetus will have heartbeat, kick, rolling and other actions.

So DHA has so many benefits, should pregnant mothers eat more?

Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to this. Although DHA is rich in nutrition, do not eat too much, because once the supplement exceeds what is needed, there will be side effects. The side effects of these supplements include poisoning, inhibition of platelet aggregation, and discomfort caused by excessive supplementation. : Dizziness, vomiting, panic, etc.

How much do pregnant mothers need to eat DHA?

As the fetus grows up, pregnant mothers can consume 200mg of DHA per day. This is the intake of most DHA. Some DHAs are different. Pregnant mothers can look at the instructions when buying. Don’t eat blindly after buying No matter how good the nutrition is, it is bad for the fetus.

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