Friday, July 3, 2020

To prevent the baby from getting scabies, Baoma starts with home hygiene

Scabies is a contagious skin disease caused by scabies mites in the surface layer of human skin. The scabies mites are also called scabies. Like mites, they have sharp mouths. It is a parasite, and once it climbs onto the human body, it finds its host. After drilling into the skin, it will "hole" like a mouse, rushing through holes and multiplying offspring. Through the continuous destruction of scabies, scabies begin to grow on human skin. Once the scabies attack, the itch is extremely irritable, and you can't help but catch it. Once the bacteria are caught, the bacteria will get sick and itchy and itchy.

Scabies is extremely contagious. As long as one person in the family is sick, other members are easily infected. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the baby, parents must first pay attention to personal hygiene and their own health. Mange mites are invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen under a microscope. It is easy to prevent them carelessly, but it is not difficult to prevent them after mastering the methods.

The editor emphasized again: pay attention to personal hygiene! Clothes, towels, bed sheets, quilts, etc. should be cleaned and disinfected as long as they are in contact with the skin, and the mattress should be regularly rid of mites. Another thing is that if someone in the family is found to have scabies, it is best to isolate treatment to avoid transmission to children.

What if the child is infected with scabies? The editor wants to say that he can calm down and find and treat early! The baby will definitely return to health!

If parents find that they have a lot of "eczema" pimples on their bodies, itchy and uncomfortable, and the baby also has similar "pimples" on their bodies, and they often buckle their skin, especially finger joints or soles, then they should Doubt whether you have scabies! Timely consultation is the best option.

If the diagnosis is scabies, the doctor will prescribe some anti-scabies medicines to the baby. Most of the anti-scabies medicines are applied to the whole body. During this time, avoid scratching the child, because the child's immunity is too low, and the skin is easy to cause infection after scratching. It is necessary to cut nails frequently. If signs of infection have been found on the scratched skin, the septic must be notified to the pediatrician if the purulence is serious, delaying treatment is not conducive to the treatment and recovery of the baby.

In addition, all home textile products that come into contact with patients should be boiled to exterminate insects, or they should be wrapped in plastic for a week, and then dried clearly after the scabies are starved to death.

The baby's skin is delicate and can't stand the toss. Everyone should pay attention to their own hygiene when taking care of the baby to avoid becoming a source of infection. Another thing is not to let strangers hug their children, because you don’t understand the physical condition of strangers, and many infectious diseases are inadvertently transmitted to children.

In short, as long as the treasure mothers pay attention to "three diligence" in their daily lives: diligently bathing, diligently changing clothes, diligently drying clothes. I believe that under the protection of my mother, the baby will be far away from the scabies!

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