Thursday, July 2, 2020

Thrift after pregnancy, don't save these kinds of clothing and supplies

After pregnancy, the woman's body will undergo many changes, and there will be some reactions and discomfort during pregnancy. At this time, all aspects of eating, dressing and sleeping are different from before. Therefore, the clothing and supplies needed after pregnancy will also change. In other words, pregnant women are the same as babies born, they need to prepare some things in advance.

But some pregnant mothers believe that the body changes quickly after pregnancy, like clothes can be saved, there is no need to spend money. Some people wear their husband's clothes at home when they don't go out. However, if the pregnant mother is frugal after pregnancy, don't save these kinds of clothing and supplies, otherwise it will not benefit the pregnant woman and the fetus.

Flat shoes with slightly thicker soles

This is the most basic. If you look at the gossip news of the celebrity, if you report that the actress is pregnant, the only thing you must mention is "X and X wears a pair of flat shoes." Indeed, for the safety of pregnant women and fetuses in the abdomen after pregnancy, pregnant women should not wear high heels. For those pregnant mothers who usually wear high heels, they must buy two pairs of flat shoes after pregnancy. However, the heels of flat shoes should not be too thin, a little heel is better, because shoes with too thin heels are easy to foot, and can not play a shockproof role.

Comfortable underwear for pregnant women

After pregnancy, the breasts of pregnant mothers will be properly enlarged. Especially in the first trimester, the chest swells and there is a slight pain. At this time, pregnant mothers can no longer wear the kind of shaped underwear before pregnancy. They should buy soft and comfortable pregnant underwear without steel rings. Pregnant mothers should never underestimate the underwear of pregnant women. The breast is the part where the pregnant mother secretes "food" for the baby in the future. It is not well protected, and it is not good for the baby to affect breastfeeding after birth.

Promptly change stomach lift pants

After the first three months, the pregnant mother's belly will grow up day by day, and you will feel panic when wearing ordinary pants. You will feel uncomfortable and your baby will be uncomfortable. Especially for pregnant mothers whose belly is larger than ordinary pregnant women, stomach lift pants are prepared earlier and a little more. For example, when I was pregnant, my belly was bigger. I was pregnant for five months like someone else's belly in July and August. Two or three pairs of pregnant women's trousers are not enough for a season. I also wear belly pants earlier than others. A pregnant mother with a big belly really wants to save two stomach lift pants.

Pillows for pregnant women

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers generally have poor sleep. Especially in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, the fetus grows up every day, and the pregnant woman feels uncomfortable if she lays big. Some pregnant mothers are even oppressed by the fetus and lie in a pant at night. They cannot sleep well and the fetus is not comfortable in the stomach. Therefore, it is necessary for the pregnant mother to prepare a thing at this time-a pregnant woman pillow that helps to support the belly. It can be of the long type, and the pregnant mother's head, stomach, and legs can be put together, so that you can reduce a lot of stress when sleeping. Only when the pregnant mother sleeps steadily can the fetus thrive.

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