Thursday, July 2, 2020

This week of pregnancy, the fetal position is basically fixed, the time expectant mother must remember clearly!

Speaking of the origin of a life, I think this is really a wonderful and wonderful thing. The birth of a life is like a beautiful accident. From the moment when the sperm meets the egg, a fresh life, the crystallization of the love of father and mother is formed. He grew up slowly, slowly developed...

The exploration of life course begins:

At the first month (1-4 weeks) of the baby, he was only a few millimeters long in his mother's abdomen. Like the little hippocampus, the spine and nerve groove were forming.

In the second month (5-8 weeks), the fetus in the abdomen is gradually formed, and his various organs are gradually developing, like the stomach, liver, heart. He grows particularly fast, especially the brain, spinal cord, nerve cells, and his fingers, eyes, nose, and mouth are also clearly visible.

In the third month (9-12 weeks), the abdomen began to develop, and his kidneys and ureters had been formed to be excreted. At this time, the mothers could see the baby through the ultrasound, and he could see his hands and legs Department and foot activities.

In the fourth month (13-16 weeks), the baby's internal organs are almost fully developed, and fetal hairs start to grow on the face, and the placenta is also formed at this time. Bone and muscle are also quietly growing. Next, his growth rate accelerated again.

In the fifth month (17-20 weeks), the fetus will grow to 20-25 cm, the whole body will grow fine hair, the eyebrows and nails will also be well developed, the heartbeat will be frequent, and the hands and feet can move freely in the amniotic fluid.

In the sixth month (21-24 weeks), the baby can hear his mother talking. At this stage, his hair and beauty are getting clearer, but at this time his skin will be wrinkled.

In the seventh month (25-28 weeks), the baby's reproductive organs begin to develop, the brain tissue begins to shrink, the sound can be distinguished, the retina has formed, and you can breathe.

In the eighth month (29-32 weeks), the baby's brain develops rapidly, his eyes can be opened and closed, he can feel the light source and can be tracked. Lung and gastrointestinal functions are close to maturity. If it is a male baby, the testicles start to grow, and the female baby's clitoris is prominent.

In the ninth month (33-36 weeks), the fetal hearing has been fully developed, the body turned to the head position, and the head entered the pelvis.

In the tenth month (37-40 weeks), the baby's various functions have been developed and the bones have become hard. At this time, the baby's head was fixed in the pelvis, waiting quietly to come out of her mother's belly.

Next, someone will ask, what week is the baby's fetal position basically fixed?

It's about 34 weeks, which is the 9th month. At this time, the baby's body begins to turn into the head position, and the head is about to enter the pelvis. In fact, under normal circumstances, the baby will be fixed in 6-7 months. In the first 7 months, the baby's size is still relatively small, and there are more amniotic fluid. The place where he can move is relatively large, so he will keep It's a bit noisy after a while.

Therefore, I suggest that mothers should go for an obstetrical examination in July or so to see if the fetal position is normal. The baby's fetal position is related to the smooth production of the mothers. If it is normal after the inspection, it can be relieved. If it is not normal, it must be corrected in time. The province has caused accidents in the production process and caused dystocia.

The baby's development is really a wonderful process, back to the topic, and finally to emphasize again, at 34 weeks or 9 months, the fetal position is basically fixed. But in about 7 months, it is necessary to do an obstetric inspection!

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