Wednesday, July 1, 2020

This posture when the baby is sleeping is a performance of loving mother

do you know? Sleeping is one's most relaxed state, so the sleeping position is usually the subconscious expression of people. We can perceive the baby's emotional world by observing the baby's sleeping posture. Have you paid attention to the baby's sleeping posture? Do you know what mysteries are behind different sleeping positions? Child psychologists like this analysis

1. Intimate and seamless

Some babies will insist on sleeping among their parents when they are sleeping. If they are not allowed to sleep among their parents, they will cry more and more. Some experts analyze that the baby is to attract the attention of parents and hope to get more attention and Pamper. Babies who like to sleep in the middle generally have a high degree of intimacy with their parents. They are very dependent on their parents. The baby's personality will also be more lively, and the family is generally more harmonious. If your baby also likes to sleep among his parents, then you should satisfy your baby's wishes as much as possible~

2. "Oedipal type"

Some babies like to snuggle next to their mother when they sleep, because the smell of the mother can give the baby a sense of security. Such a baby usually has a close relationship with her mother and likes to stay with her mother, so she will sleep Like to sleep next to her mother. In addition, there are many full-time mothers today. They dedicate their youth to their families and children, and put their energies on the children. Therefore, the children will spend a lot of time with their mothers. After a while, are you usually busy with work and have too little time to accompany your children? No matter how busy you work, you need to be close to your children, because children have only one childhood, and dads must take their responsibilities!

3. "Electra"

Some babies like to snuggle beside their father when they sleep, because the father’s wide shoulders can give the baby a full sense of security. It can be seen that such fathers usually interact with the baby very frequently, and the baby will be very dependent on the father, so Like to sleep next to my dad. Such a family is generally happier, the father is more responsible, and he can fulfill his responsibilities and obligations to his children and his wife. The family is very kind.

4. "Free-spirited"

Some babies like to be free and unrestrained while sleeping. He neither likes to snuggle with his father, nor does he like to snuggle with his mother. He likes to put a "big" character on his small bed, or sleep from the head of the bed to the end of the bed. Such babies usually have strong independent ability. Like to depend on parents. He has rich imagination and high IQ. He usually grows up to be more assertive when he grows up, and he doesn't like being interfered by his parents. I also don't like other people's easy entry into their lives, and they have a strong guard against the outside world. Such children also need the love and care of their parents, and need to establish a more solid and intimate relationship with their parents.

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