Thursday, July 2, 2020

This kind of fetus is rare, but the doctor said that he was very smart after birth, and he would steal it when he was hit!

There are a lot of treasure mothers during pregnancy examinations and usually encounter situations that make them very nervous, but these situations are not necessarily bad, and some also indicate that your child is smarter than others in your family. The tension at this time is It is very unnecessary, and it will also lead to excessive tension in the lives of the babies. Then, help the mother to take stock of these predictive phenomena for you.

1. Fetal movement has rhythm

Many mothers will see that the baby has a large fetal movement in the belly when it is about to give birth, and some children's fetal movement is still very regular, which makes some Baoma nervous, thinking whether the child has any discomfort, in fact No, this kind of rhythmic and rhythmic fetal movement just shows that the child has a good sense of rhythm.

The sense of rhythm is also a quality that must be possessed when learning music. Making a good sense of rhythm can save a lot of acquired training, and it also reduces a lot of psychological burdens for treasure moms. What do you need to do as a treasure mom? Maintain a good mood and let your baby have a more comfortable growth environment.

2. Make the overtime baby's butt facing you

The baby's butt is facing us when doing coloring. Many treasure mothers will doubt whether the fetal position is incorrect or there are other problems. In fact, the children will have many movements when they are in the mother's belly: turning over, kicking, so they are doing color ultrasound When the child's butt is facing outwards, it may only be a part of the child's fetal movement. As a mother, we don't have to worry too much. If we still feel uneasy, we can communicate with our own doctor in charge, which will be very fast. Dispel the doubts of the moms.

3. Fetal movement is intense for a period of time and quiet for a period of time

The friend who helped Mom is a person who particularly likes to sing. When she reached the late pregnancy, the fetal movement was more intense, but when she and her husband went to KTV, the child had no fetal movement for several days. My My friend was very anxious, thinking that the sound in KTV was noisy about his unborn baby, and after a series of examinations, I was scared for a while.

After a few days, the child’s fetal movements became normal again, and the results of the examination also showed that everything was normal, so this performance shows that the child is more sensitive to sound, and the sensitivity to sound is in addition to the eyes of the child. Another important sense is of great significance to the healthy growth of children.

4. Mom will interact with mom when touching her belly

Pregnant mothers often caress their stomachs out of love, and some babies will interact with their mothers at this time. At this time, the mothers will have nervous emotions, thinking whether their babies are precocious or how, but In fact, this situation just shows that your baby's touch and brain development is very good, because the baby can clearly feel the external stimuli and can mobilize his brain and limbs for effective feedback, at this time mothers steal Have fun, because this will be a good sign that the baby's brain is fully developed.

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