Wednesday, July 8, 2020

This fruit is easy to cause fetal poison, but it is the favorite of many pregnant mothers!

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have broken their hearts for the sake of the health of their unborn baby. Screening for food repeatedly, after all, if it is not eaten well, it will not only harm your own health, but also adversely affect the fetus. However, there is always a big controversy about a fruit, that is durian. Some people say that durian is rich in protein, vitamins, iron, calcium and other nutrients. Therefore, pregnant mothers can eat more safely. But is this really the case? If you eat too much durian, there are many disadvantages.

What harm do expectant mothers eat durian during pregnancy?

1. Cause fetal fever and fetal poison

If expectant mothers consume too much durian during pregnancy, it will not only harm their own bodies, but also have an adverse effect on the fetus. Because durian is a fruity heat, eating more will cause the body to become hot. At this time, expectant mothers will easily get irritated, sore throat and other symptoms, and will also cause fetal fever in pregnant women, and even produce fetal poison, so that the baby is prone to eczema and thrush after birth. Therefore, during pregnancy, no matter how much expectant mothers want to eat durian, they must control themselves and never overdose.

2. Cause constipation of pregnant women

If pregnant mothers eat more durian, it is easy to cause constipation. Because the cellulose in durian absorbs water in the gastrointestinal tract, it will further swell, leading to blockage of the intestine, causing constipation. Once the pregnant mothers have severe constipation, the abdomen will work harder during the excretion process, which is likely to compress the fetus and adversely affect the fetus.

3. Cause gestational diabetes

Many expectant mothers will do a test during pregnancy test—pregnancy diabetes screening to achieve early detection and early treatment. If the test results show that the glucose tolerance is low, you can also take precautions against yourself early. The sugar content in durian is very high. If pregnant mothers do not pay attention to controlling the consumption of durian, it is likely to cause their own glucose tolerance to be impaired, leading to gestational diabetes. This will not only harm your own health, but also the health of the newborn.

Believe that every mother, during pregnancy, the most important thing is the health of the baby! As long as it is good for the baby, I believe that mothers will be willing to do it. However, for the health of the durian and the fetus, pregnant mothers should eat less, even if the mothers want to eat, they must control the amount of food.

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