Wednesday, July 8, 2020

This behavior when the child is sleeping is likely to be a worm in the belly!

1. Eating a lot and being very hungry, but just don’t see long meat

Some mothers find that their babies eat a lot, and they are also very hungry after eating. They always look like they are not full. I heard the baby say the most to himself: "Mom, I am hungry!" However, the baby is eating vigorously, but there is no sign of height or weight increase. At this time, mothers should have some doubts about whether there are roundworms in the baby's stomach, and "eat" our baby's nutrition.

2. When sleeping at night, there will always be the phenomenon of grinding teeth

If mothers feel that there are roundworms in the baby's stomach, but do not know how to be sure, mothers can coax the baby to sleep and do not sleep first. Look at your baby quietly to see if your baby is grinding their teeth while they are asleep. If it is said that the baby always behaves unsteadily when sleeping, and is accompanied by the sound of grinding teeth, this means that there are roundworms in the baby's stomach.

3. Frequent stomach pain

When the baby is in a normal situation, if there is frequent stomach pain, mothers should never ignore it. At this time, ask the child which part of the stomach hurts. If the child says it is around the navel, moms can help the baby to rub around the navel for a while. If the baby's symptoms are relieved, it can be determined that the baby is likely to have worms.

4. The baby's mood is unstable, and there are many "red bumps"

When mothers take care of their babies, they find that babies always cry easily and get angry easily. And on the baby, I don't know when some red bumps will grow. This may also be caused by worms in the baby's stomach. Because of these phenomena, there are some complications caused by roundworms in the body.

When there are roundworms in the baby's body, mother must not be nervous, mess up her hands and feet, and give the baby some medicine to eat. At this time, we must go to the hospital in time, and after the doctor confirms the symptoms for the baby, we prescribe some special insecticides. Under normal circumstances, there are roundworms in the baby's stomach, the main reason is unhealthy diet, mother should pay more attention in this regard.

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