Thursday, July 2, 2020

They both drank alcohol on the night of pregnancy. Can such a baby want it?

If both parties have a history of alcohol, and they are not prepared to ask for a baby, and do not take some measures to ask for a baby, in this case, the baby doctor is generally not recommended to stay. Mainly because of long-term drinking, the quality of sperm and eggs will be seriously affected. The baby is likely to have lost on the "starting line", and the possibility of various accidents in health is also greater. If you decide to stay, you must Make all checks on time.

On the contrary, if both of them drank alcohol on the day of pregnancy, it was not frequent, but only that time, and this situation had little effect on the baby's health.

We know that the sperm maturation period is relatively long. They will not act on the quality of the sperm immediately after being stimulated by the outside world, but have a time requirement. That is to say, on the night of conception, if only the man drinks alcohol, and the man only drinks alcohol occasionally, it has almost no effect on the baby.

If the woman drinks some wine on the night of conception, it will generally not have a big impact on the baby's health. This is mainly because the egg was also developed from the previous follicle. However, if women are planning to have their babies, they must avoid it. If they drink alcohol, they must take measures when they are in the same room. They should not drink alcohol after pregnancy, otherwise the embryonic development will be affected, causing fetal growth retardation, or other health problems. It can only be myself.

The doctor's explanation in this way can be said to be very pertinent and comprehensive. The doctor pointed out that Xiao Qin's situation belonged to the "winning" night. His husband drank more, but he didn't drink often when he was fair. Xiao Qin usually didn't drink alcohol, but he drank a little that night, so the doctor said they The baby should not be affected. At the end of the consultation, the doctor also gave two suggestions.

Suggestion 1: If you plan to have a baby, it is best for both couples to quit drinking 3 months in advance

This point should be known to many couples. Before preparing to have a baby, the doctor will also explain when going to the hospital for examination. The doctor here also reminded that no matter whether it is a woman or a man, who has a history of drinking alcohol, you must quit drinking, and usually strengthen your exercise, so that the quality of sperm and eggs will be higher.

Suggestion 2: Both parties "winning" the night of drinking, and want to leave the baby, pay attention to the pregnancy during pregnancy

The doctor particularly explained that if the "winning" is true when both the husband and wife are drunk, then they must be cautious when doing various examinations during pregnancy. If abnormalities are found, it is responsible for themselves as soon as possible.

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