Wednesday, July 1, 2020

These types of pregnant women are the easiest to give birth to "Tang's children", especially the first

There are three reasons why Tang'er may be born.

1. Genetics

Down syndrome, trisomy 21, is a disease caused by chromosomal abnormalities. It is inevitable for one inheritance. Except for "Tang Si", there is currently no way to treat this defect. Although this method is unfair to the baby, because he has the right to be born and come to this world, but the children with Tang's children grow up have relatively low ability in learning and life, in order not to give family Bringing tremendous financial pressure and mental burden, it is very necessary for pregnant women to carry out Down's screening. Although helpless, there is no choice.

2. Have taken medicine before or after pregnancy

Some pregnant mothers do not know that they are pregnant and take some medicines that clearly indicate that pregnant women are prohibited from taking signs. It is best for pregnant mothers not to take drugs indiscriminately. They must take drugs healthily under the guidance of a doctor.

3. Older women

Maternal women over the age of 35 are older women, and the higher the maternal age, the higher the fetal defect rate. The best way is to go to the hospital regularly to do Tang Si, Tang Si has two best time periods, the first It is between eleven and twelve weeks of pregnancy, and the second best midterm is between sixteen and eighteen weeks. It is not easy for an elderly woman to get pregnant, and it will cause great harm to the body. The expectation of having a healthy baby is great. In order to live up to expectations, Tang Si is very necessary.

The baby's congenital disease is undoubtedly a huge blow to a family, but in order to live a happy life for his own family, and for the pregnant mother to not be under excessive pressure, it is necessary to check the unborn baby, just like a male Just like giving birth to a girl, it is impossible for us to decide whether to give birth to a boy or a girl, but if the sex of the child born is not what a family desires, then it will inevitably affect the happiness index of a family, and the biggest harm will be pregnant mothers.

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