Friday, July 3, 2020

These two types of pregnant mothers try not to sleep on the left side, otherwise it will easily cause fetal hypoxia!

Many women become very cautious after becoming pregnant, fearing that their children will have accidents because of their blame. Even which sleeping position to use will not make the baby feel clear. Most pregnant mothers have no experience and will ask a doctor or relatives. Most of them suggest that you sleep on the left side, which not only can promote blood circulation, but also provide oxygen to fetal treasure to the greatest extent. But the following two types of mothers try not to sleep on the left side, which will affect the fetal oxygen supply.

1. Pregnant mothers with heart disease or chronic heart failure

The heart is one of the most important organs of the human body. It is about the same size as our fists. It is shaped like a peach. Its main function is to provide pressure for blood flow, make the blood spread all over the body, provide sufficient oxygen and various nutrients. And take away waste metabolized substances in the body (such as inorganic salts, carbon dioxide, urea and uric acid, etc.) to maintain normal cell function. At this time, if we are told by the doctor that your heart is broken, it feels like the whole day will collapse, let alone to the mothers who are carrying babies. Therefore, they must be very careful during pregnancy and take every aspect seriously, including sleeping position.

Everyone knows that the heart is located on the lower left side of our chest cavity. Pregnant mothers with heart disease or chronic heart failure try not to sleep on the left side, which will increase the burden on the heart and is not conducive to blood flow back to the heart, resulting in faster heart rate and higher blood pressure. At this time, the pregnant mother will feel particularly uncomfortable, and at the same time, it will cause the baby to lack oxygen, and even endanger the lives of adults and children.

Second, the pregnant mother who is born with left uterus

Many expectant mothers may not know what is left-handed or right-handed uterus? This is usually through B-ultrasound to determine whether the pregnant mother is left-handed or right-handed. Most expectant mothers will have right-handed uterus, because of the sigmoid colon and rectum on the left, they are squeezed unconsciously. Actually don't worry too much, this is normal. You only need to sleep on the left side every night as much as possible to change the right-handed state of the uterus, so that the compressed blood vessels are relaxed, and the blood supply will increase, which is beneficial to the growth and development of the baby. However, there will be very few expectant mothers born with left uterus. At this time, choosing to lie on the left side will only increase the load of the uterus, affect the placental blood flow, and even cause fetal hypoxia. Therefore, such pregnant mothers should not choose to sleep on the left side, for the sake of the baby and your health.

Sleeping positions suitable for these two types of pregnant mothers

If you belong to one of these two categories of pregnant mothers, try not to sleep on the left. Although sleeping on the left side can increase blood and nutrients flowing to the placenta and reduce edema in your legs, ankles and hands, it is not the best option for you. You can choose to sleep on the right to get the effect you want.

Both left-side sleep and right-side sleep are mentioned, do you still want to know if you can lie on your back? Sleeping of pregnant mothers can be divided into three stages: early pregnancy, middle pregnancy and late pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy is from January to March, and there is no change in the body, and the fetal treasure develops in the uterus and still lives in the pelvis of the mother. The external pressure will not be very heavy, and you can choose to lie on your back. However, do not choose to lie supine during the second and third trimesters. Protecting the stomach is the key. If we are used to lying on our backs, we can go to the maternal and child store to buy a pillow and put it on the back of the body. We will feel it when we turn over.

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