Wednesday, July 8, 2020

These two things are a bit "late" when you are pregnant

After pregnant, many women will resolve to "change" in order to give birth to a healthy and high-quality baby, and they will keep their mouths closed and exercise their legs, but did you know that giving birth is like growing crops, and various methods after pregnancy It is like watering and fertilizing the seeds after they are planted in the soil, but the plants will grow well. Although it depends on whether you take good care of them, the relationship with the quality of the seeds is also quite large. In other words, high-quality babies come from high-quality fertilized eggs.

Before the pregnancy begins to adjust the physique, so that the eggs produced are of higher quality, it is like choosing a good seed in advance, plus careful care after pregnancy, the baby born will be better. If you want to have a good quality baby, the following two things will be a bit “late” when you are pregnant. It is better to do it in advance.

exercise more

Don't think sports are commonplace. Many expectant mothers often take a walk during pregnancy, saying that it is for the sake of the fetus, but they can still stay at home during pregnancy. Studies have shown that the secretion of various sex hormones will increase correspondingly during exercise, which will enhance the function of the ovaries, uterus and other sexual organs, can improve the vitality of egg cells, and provide better quality eggs for fertilized eggs.

Five types of exercise are suitable during pregnancy: jogging or brisk walking, walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates. As long as you do not exercise vigorously, it has little effect on pregnancy preparation, but it can strengthen your physique.

Nutritional balance

Many women start to pay attention to diet and nutrition when they are pregnant. In fact, the nutritional balance should be strengthened during pregnancy. Pay attention to nutritional balance when eating, so that the nutritional elements in the body are not lacking, and you will not find out that you have not supplemented a certain nutritional element in advance before you are pregnant.

If you usually eat whole grains and vegetables, even if you are pregnant unexpectedly, you don't have to panic. Folic acid is not eaten in advance, because these foods contain a lot of folic acid, even if you don't deliberately supplement nutrition.

Women should pay more attention to eating black beans when they are pregnant. They can be cooked and eaten, or they can be made into soy milk to drink, which can help produce high-quality follicles, produce high-quality eggs, and help pregnant with a high-quality baby.

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