Thursday, July 2, 2020

These two tests are very important for 24 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnancy is always a high-risk group. In addition to the various reactions during pregnancy that make pregnant women unbearable, they also can't keep up with various accidents because of their physical fitness. Therefore, various examinations during pregnancy are absolutely indispensable. Generally speaking, as the child grows longer in Bao Ma's stomach, Bao Ma will become more and more accustomed to the existence of the baby in her stomach.

Especially in the early stage, there is no reaction during pregnancy, and there will be no disability due to the large stomach, so the mothers can go to the hospital for examination, but in the later period, that is, about 24 weeks, pregnant women must do these two examinations No matter how busy your husband is, you must accompany you! The two inspections are large row deformity and sugar sieve. What exactly are these two checks? Xiaobian here to answer one by one.

What is major malformation?

Large row deformity is a kind of examination that must be done during pregnancy. To put it bluntly is to check whether the fetus is deformed. The time of this test is about 20 to 24 weeks after pregnancy, using ultrasound to check. Specifically, check the child’s development in the mother’s stomach, and deformities in various parts of the body such as the limbs and head. Of course, in addition to this, the large row of deformities can also check whether the umbilical cord and amniotic fluid have problems.

All parents must be most concerned about the health of their children. They do not want their children to be deformed. And for pregnant women, the psychological endurance is definitely no better than ordinary people. If they are allowed to go to the hospital by themselves for this important examination, they will invisibly increase their psychological burden. And if you let your husband accompany you, after relying on it, the treasure mothers will definitely reduce the pressure and have a more stable attitude. And in case of any situation, no one will be around.

What is a sugar sieve?

Simply put, sugar sieving is another important test that must be done during pregnancy, and the time is about 20 weeks. The main thing is to check whether pregnant women have diabetes. Some people may wonder, should diabetes be a chronic disease, shouldn't it be the patent of the elderly? Or just the confusion of the genetic family. In fact, during pregnancy, Baoma is also known as gestational diabetes because of various factors that can also cause abnormal glucose metabolism. This symptom will have various adverse effects on pregnant women and babies.

The editor has seen a mother who is not well controlled because of diabetes during pregnancy. As a result, she is only in her 30s and she takes insulin every day. She also worried that her daughter will be inherited. So whether or not there is a condition, this mother-daughter health check must be done. Fortunately, this symptom does not exist in every treasure mother, but just in case, the editor advises everyone not to be lucky. But you don’t have to be too nervous as long as you cooperate with doctors and nurses. Keep a list of diets before doing this exam. Do not eat 12 hours before the exam and keep on an empty stomach. The reason for letting her husband go is, of course, to reduce the pressure on pregnant women.

The editor ended up nagging a few more times. It is not easy for every child to come to this world. This is a 24-week arduous journey for treasure moms. In addition to giving seats to pregnant women on buses, family members of pregnant women should also pay special attention to the health of pregnant women. In addition to taking good care of pregnant women and preventing them from being overworked, they should also take care of pregnant women in the correct way. Don’t ignore pregnancy tests, especially the two tests mentioned above.

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