Tuesday, July 7, 2020

These three symptoms appear on the fingers of pregnant mothers, indicating that there is severe anemia!

1. See if your fingernails are whitish

Normally, people who are not anaemic will have short-term blushing if they press their fingernails with their fingers. After releasing their hands, the blushing will soon disappear. However, the whitening of the nails of anemia people will be greatly enhanced, and it will be difficult to restore the ruddy long after the pressure is released. The situation of people with severe anemia is more worrying, and in some cases, the fingernails are pale.

Second, see if your hands are often afraid of cold

Some people no matter what the temperature outside, whether it is winter or summer, their hands and feet are cold, especially afraid of cold, especially in winter, how to cover their hands is not hot. To make an inappropriate analogy, such people are like cold-blooded animals. But we all know that humans are warm animals, so this situation does not normally exist. However, if you are in an anemia state, the blood's ability to transport oxygen decreases, which can easily lead to non-circulation of blood at the ends of the limbs, which will put the body in a low temperature state.

3. See if the belly is full

Chinese medicine believes that the fingertips are flat and weak, whether it is for adults or children, it means that the blood is insufficient, and if the fingers are full and the flesh is flexible, it means that the blood is sufficient. This method of judgment is also applicable to pregnant women. Anaemic people's fingers are not full, smooth, or sunken.

If there are two of the above three self-examination methods, you need to be careful. The body may already be in anemia, so you need to go to the hospital for examination. The procedure for diagnosing anemia in the hospital is very simple. Going to the outpatient clinic to test the blood routine is mainly based on the amount of hemoglobin detected. In addition, the results of the blood routine will be used to determine which type of anemia belongs to. Mean red blood cell volume (MCV) and mean red blood cell hemoglobin volume (MCH) can distinguish between megaloblastic anemia, iron-deficiency anemia and thalassemia. For pregnant women, mild anemia means hemoglobin content is less than 110g/L, and severe means less than 60g/L. There is no moderate anemia.

In addition to the above-mentioned symptoms, anemia may also have symptoms such as no blood on the lips, pale mucous membranes and conjunctiva, and dizziness after standing for a long time. People with severe anemia are more at risk-dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, dreaminess, memory loss, inattention, even breathing difficulties, loss of appetite, and indigestion. It can be said that anemia not only affects your face value, but also directly affects your intelligence and physical health. For pregnant women, the baby's health will also be affected as the mother changes. The fetus of mild anemia pregnant women develops slowly, may give birth prematurely, the baby born is small, and is prone to anemia soon after birth, and severe anemia is likely to cause miscarriage, placental dissection and even stillbirth. Therefore, we must pay attention to not being anemia during pregnancy, and should be supplemented symptomatically once discovered.

The most common anemia during pregnancy is iron deficiency anemia. The main way of supplementing blood for this type of anemia is simple and rough, and usually eat more iron-containing foods, such as liver, beef, red dates, spinach, celery, etc. The method of food supplement takes a long time, if you need urgent supplement, you can use oral iron directly, it is easy to buy on the market. Megaloblastic anemia is relatively rare. It is caused by a deficiency of folic acid and vitamin B12. Usually eat more dark vegetables, liver, kidneys, etc. can be supplemented to a certain extent; thalassemia is in certain regions (such as Yuegui Areas) High incidence of hereditary anemia, relatively concentrated in areas where there are few cases.

In short, anemia is not terrible, and good supplements can be achieved through food supplements and some digestible health products. But here to help mom want to remind you that in addition to food supplements, an optimistic attitude is also very important. Expectant mothers maintain an optimistic attitude not only to enhance their own immunity, but also to activate the hematopoietic function. So take action, and firmly avoid being a yellow-faced woman during pregnancy.

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