Monday, July 6, 2020

These three parts of the newborn are very fragile, mother should not touch it

When a baby is born, what parts can't be touched?

1. Newborn's umbilical cord

For our newborn, this part of the umbilical cord, at birth, can be counted as a trauma. After all, this part was cut off when leaving the palace. So, in daily life, we must give more care to this place. In general, the newborn's umbilical cord will fall off within a week of leaving the palace, so we must ensure that the umbilical cord part is dry and not touched at random. Try not to let the water touch the baby's umbilical part when taking a bath. If you accidentally get wet, be sure to dry it in time, and then disinfect it with alcohol.

2. Halogen door

When babies are born, thick dirt usually accumulates on the halogen door. New mothers must not touch it. Some mothers want to clean the halogen door of the fetus by buckling or rubbing, which can easily damage the fetal scalp and even cause infection. Therefore, if mothers really want to clean the baby, they can use some olive oil to smear the scale layer. After about 20 minutes, the scale layer will soften. At this time, it is easy for moms to use warm water The dirt can be cleaned.

3. Newborn genitalia

The baby's genitals, this need not elaborate, very fragile. Of course, parents can't touch this part casually, otherwise it will easily cause infection. At ordinary times, be sure to change the diaper frequently for the little guy to ensure the cleanliness of private parts. If it is a baby girl, avoid washing your lower body with soap. Because soap is more irritating, in normal times, just use clean water to clean it.

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