Friday, July 3, 2020

These three color secretions appear during pregnancy, don't care

If you find these three situations on your underwear, it may be that the fetus is calling for help!

Situation 1: There is blood on the underwear

During our pregnancy, menstruation will not come, so the secretion on the underwear must not be bloody, if you find that there is bleeding in your vagina, and there will be blood on the underwear, you should pay attention Woke up. At this time, it may be these two cases, one is the placenta shedding, and the other is miscarriage. No matter what kind of situation occurs, pregnant mothers should not panic, stabilize their emotions, go to the hospital in time, and listen to the doctor's comments and suggestions. If only a little, you can also choose to rest in bed for a few days, continue to observe the changes in secretions, and watch it change every day until it returns to normal.

Case 2: Light brown appears on the underwear

When there is light brown on the underwear, it also depends on the situation. During the first pregnancy, if there is light brown on the underwear, you do not need to be particularly nervous, because this may be caused by the implantation of the fertilized egg. This situation is caused by many pregnant mothers. Everyone will have it. But after some time, it was still found that the light brown secretion was still secreted in the vagina, and it needed attention. At this time, it is most likely that the progesterone secretion in the mother's body is insufficient. Insufficient progesterone is actually an important message that leads to instability of the fetus' development. If this happens, you must first add nutrition in a timely manner, pay attention to a balanced diet, and in severe cases, you must go to a doctor.

Case 3: There is a translucent substance on the underwear

In general, the secretions of our leucorrhea are transparent, and so are pregnant women. If pregnant mothers find translucent secretions on their underwear, it may be a signal that the baby is telling you that he is coming out. Especially the treasure mothers who are about to give birth must pay attention. This may be a precursor to the early breaking of amniotic fluid. At this time, let the people around you support you back to the room and lie down on the bed immediately to prevent the large amount of amniotic fluid from flowing out after breaking the amniotic fluid, which will cause fetuses. Adverse effects. Then let your family quickly take you to the hospital to have a baby!

There are many things that mothers should pay attention and pay attention to during pregnancy, so they need to be careful and observe any changes in themselves. You see, the secretions on the underwear represent so many details and situations.

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