Wednesday, July 1, 2020

These small habits of breastfeeding mothers, if you don’t change them in time, it will make the milk less and less

Although many people advocate breastfeeding, after birth, many new mothers find that their milk is getting less and less, but their babies drink it. For this reason, some treasure mothers also specifically find a masseur to massage, but the actual The results have little effect and cannot effectively increase milk. It has been reported online in the past two years. Some mothers have not made a careful choice when choosing a lactation nurse, but have produced many side effects. During breast-feeding period, the mother's milk is getting less and less, all because of these small habits of the mother, if you don't change it in time, no matter how much money you spend, it can't be effectively improved.

1. Feeding posture

The most important breastfeeding position is the breastfeeding posture. Some mothers' milk volume is constantly decreasing because of the wrong breastfeeding posture. Some of the breastfeeding postures below have been verified. Mothers during breastfeeding can learn from it. The most suitable feeding posture for the mother after delivery is the semi-reclining type. Specifically, the mother's back is cushioned with a pillow, the child is held up to face the abdomen, and a pillow is placed on the back. This method is convenient for the child to drink milk My mother's posture is also very comfortable.

There is also a treasure mother who has a caesarean section. After the abdomen has been sutured, it is very painful in the early stage, which is not suitable for the semi-recumbent type. Under one arm, hold the baby's shoulders, necks, and heads with one hand, and the breast with the other hand, so that the child can find the nipple and drink the milk. Baoma's body should also lean forward slightly.

2. Baby sucking pose

When the baby is sucking the nipple, treasure mothers must pay attention not to let the baby always eat with the nipple, but to let the baby open his mouth and completely wrap the areola, can promote the secretion very well, the milk will increase accordingly.

3. Feeding time

Feeding time The length of time a child sucks a teat can also affect milk secretion. Many mothers still have milk in the early stages, but they gradually disappear in the later stages, because the children have started to eat complementary foods and the demand for milk has begun. Reduced, the mother's milk will gradually decrease.

4. nutrition

Attention should be paid to absorbing nutrients during breastfeeding. Now it is popular to be thin for beauty. Many baby mothers want to recover their body soon after production, so they will lose weight by reducing food intake or dieting. This will Seriously affect the amount of milk.

5. mood

Many Bao Ma have postpartum depression, bad mood, and will also seriously affect the amount of milk. Learning to adjust their mood can also increase Bao Ma's milk. If Baoma’s mood is not good, she will not eat well during the day and sleep well at night. The overall mental state is likely to be tired of breastfeeding. The adjustment in her heart is more difficult than physiological. Therefore, mother can take a walk or listen to some Songs that allow you to relax and adjust your mood.

There are many factors that always affect Bao Ma. The above is a relatively simple and easy way to improve. If Bao Ma want to increase their milk, they can adjust it according to their own situation.

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