Thursday, July 2, 2020

These signs appear in the second trimester, indicating that the fetus wants to talk to you

After four months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother can feel the fetal movement. In the early stage, the range of fetal movement is not large, and the feeling is not obvious. In the later period, some pregnant mothers will feel frequent fetal movement. When we watch TV series, we often see that the husband is close to the belly of the pregnant wife and feels the baby's movements. But fetal movement is not just the baby doing movements, sometimes the baby is talking to her mother in this way! Don't miss it, mother.

Itching around the belly button

In the early days of the baby's formation in the womb, because the body is still relatively small, the pregnant mother can't obviously feel the fetus moving. But it may feel itchy near the navel, because there is still a lot of space in the uterus for the fetus to move, and the umbilical cord is a bridge connecting the mother and the baby, so what movement does the fetus have, the immediate action is relatively small, one end of the umbilical cord is You can still feel it around mom's belly button. If the pregnant mother wants to feel more clearly the communication with the fetus, then be patient and wait for the baby to grow up slowly!

Feel the fetus pushing the belly

When the baby is a little bigger in the stomach and has more strength, the pregnant mother can feel as if the baby is gently pushing her mother's stomach. If the pregnant mother sometimes sits too long, or lay too long, the fetus can not feel the movement of the mother, will gently push the mother to see what the mother is doing? Why haven't you interacted with your baby for a long time? At this time, the pregnant mother can respond to the baby and let the baby feel at ease.

Baby sliding around in the stomach

Sometimes when the pregnant mother is sitting down or lying down, she will feel that the baby will slip in the stomach, as if it has moved. Don't worry too much about this, it may be that the baby is looking for a comfortable posture or staying in the mother's stomach comfortably. Mother will find a comfortable posture when lying on the bed, the baby will definitely find a comfortable posture in the womb, the baby will also enjoy it!

My stomach suddenly shook

Sometimes the mother feels that her belly is shaking suddenly. This may be because the fetus in her belly is scared or disturbed. For example, if the pregnant mother sneezes suddenly, the baby in her stomach may be frightened by the sudden noise. When we are suddenly scared by the huge noise, the body will shake suddenly. The baby should be louder in the mother's stomach, so it is possible to be frightened.

There is also the possibility that the baby may sleep well in the mother’s stomach. If the mother is going to a noisy place or drinking water to eat, the baby will be woken up, and the mood will be bad. "a bit. Imagine that when we were awakened while sleeping, would we also lose our temper in a bad mood? Babies use sudden shaking to express their dissatisfaction when they are scared or disturbed.

Belly beats regularly

After the second trimester, the mother sometimes feels that her belly is beating regularly. This is when the baby is vomiting bubbles, exercising his lungs, and making his alveoli bigger. The baby is telling her mother that she is about to meet her mother, and the mother can also look forward to it!

The baby's fetal movements are actually signaling to the mother. They are in the mother's stomach and can't talk, so they have to use actions to communicate with the mother. If pregnant mothers encounter the above situation, they can try to talk to the baby, such as He said that his mother went to the grocery market to buy food, and cooked it for the baby, not to wake the baby to sleep on purpose. Or you can caress your belly and interact more closely with your baby. Don't ignore your baby!

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