Thursday, July 2, 2020

These signs appear during pregnancy, suggesting that the fetus is malnourished

These signs of pregnancy suggest that the fetus is already malnourished, and as an expectant mother, you must pay attention to it in time.

1. No weight gain

Nutrition during pregnancy is the key. Large supplements or special supplements generally increase weight. If the weight does not increase, then you must pay attention, because your baby may already be malnourished. During the third trimester, pregnant women’s weight increase is more Regularly, about 500g per week.

2. Calculate the fetal growth retardation index

Calculation formula: Gong Gao refers to -3*month, if the calculated difference is less than -3, it means that the uterus may be stunted. If you encounter this situation, don’t panic, because negative emotions are very bad for the fetus, you must first Keep calm and how to go to the hospital for a diagnosis immediately.

3. Loose teeth

Some pregnant women have loose teeth or bleeding gums, but this is not normal. In fact, this is probably caused by lack of calcium or vitamin C. At this time, pregnant women should eat more fruits, vegetables and foods with high calcium content, such as Milk, beans, etc. Calcium deficiency in pregnant women will affect the growth of fetal bones, resulting in a smaller fetus, pregnant women must pay attention to this point.

What are the bad effects of malnutrition? Nutritional deficiencies can easily lead to anemia during pregnancy, the main reason is inadequate food intake, leading to iron deficiency, folic acid, vitamin B12 and other essential elements of the human body. Anemia during pregnancy not only affects the health of the mother, but also affects the growth and development of the fetus. Inadequate nutrition during pregnancy can also cause miscarriage or premature delivery.

How to solve the malnutrition of pregnant women?

First of all, we should not be partial, to ensure the diversification of food, so as not to ingest the nutrients needed, and secondly, we must focus on foods containing calcium and vitamin C, eat more fruits and vegetables, and walk appropriately after eating to facilitate digestion. It is recommended that pregnant women's food should not be too greasy, so as to avoid vomiting symptoms, just like Xiao Li, the food is wasted not to mention, and it also makes the baby in the stomach suffer.

During pregnancy, pregnant women must have some understanding of diet and other life precautions. First, to protect themselves, second, to give the baby a healthy growth condition, and to give prospective mothers a small suggestion, every morning Wake up early and develop a good lifestyle, for your own good, but also for the baby in your stomach.

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