Wednesday, July 8, 2020

These manifestations during pregnancy are the fetus telling the pregnant mother that he is developing well

It is said that pregnancy is a thing that makes pregnant mothers both happy and painful. The happiness is because of the existence of the baby in the belly. You can upgrade to become a mother, and the loved ones around you will also give many blessings. The pain is the tenth month of pregnancy It can be said that there is a new "uncomfortable" waiting for each stage. After pregnancy, for various reasons, pregnant mothers are always worried, do not know how the baby's belly is developing, whether there is any discomfort, in fact, if these phenomena occur during pregnancy, this is the fetus Tell you he is well developed.

Breast swelling and discomfort

Generally, pregnant mothers will obviously feel uncomfortable breasts from about 1 month of pregnancy, and sometimes there will be pain. The reason why the breasts will have a series of discomforts is mainly to prepare for the feeding work after the baby is born . However, because each pregnant mother's physical fitness is different, the pain will also vary from person to person. Pregnant women with strong pain can apply a hot compress with a towel to relieve the pain properly. By the second trimester, the breasts of pregnant mothers will also become larger. This is all for the preparation of rations after the baby is born.

Change in taste

After pregnancy, the taste of many pregnant mothers will be very different from that before pregnancy. Before, they like to eat sweets. They may want to vomit after eating sweets. They did not like to eat spicy before, but this is good after pregnancy. The reason why such a big change occurs is mainly because the hormones in the body of the pregnant mother have changed after pregnancy. It is normal for this phenomenon to occur after pregnancy. Other pregnant mothers will also have different levels of morning sickness, which is also a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. Don't worry about pregnant mothers. These problems just show that your baby is developing well.

Upper body pain, discomfort

After pregnancy, a common symptom of pregnant mothers is that they will feel uncomfortable throughout the body, and the pain will become more and more obvious as the pregnancy cycle increases. This is mainly due to the fact that the uterus is being propped up by the baby, which squeezes the pregnant mother's back and abdomen. Therefore, during pregnancy, the doctor will ask the pregnant mother to rest more, not to sit for a long time, nor to walk for too long at a time, you can let the family massage yourself to properly relieve the discomfort.

Frequent urination always want to go to the toilet, and occasionally urinate incontinence

Usually pregnant mothers will feel this way in the early and late stages of pregnancy. They always want to go to the toilet and occasionally urinate incontinence. The situation is better at home during the day, but if they go out, it is very inconvenient to find the toilet. It will be very troublesome. It is best to choose a place close to home when pregnant mothers go out for a walk. When I sleep at night, I will often be disturbed by frequent urination. Finally, I fall asleep, remembering the toilet in my body, and I have no sleepiness when I come back. Almost every pregnant mother has been tortured by this matter. This is mainly caused by the fetal baby's oppression of the bladder, and this performance during pregnancy also happens to indicate that the fetal baby is developing very well.

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