Friday, July 3, 2020

These kinds of vegetables are easy to cause contractions, pregnant mothers like it, don't be greedy

As far as diet is concerned, many mothers believe that vegetables contain more vitamins and fiber, which can reduce the constipation of pregnant women, promote the body's metabolic function, and control their own weight. But not all vegetables are suitable for pregnant women, because some vegetables may cause contractions, come and see if you eat them!

The first kind-leek

Leek is one of the ingredients we usually use. For example, dumplings and steamed buns like to use leek as filling. Leek contains a lot of vitamins and crude fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and have the special effect of treating constipation; and it also helps to increase appetite and strengthen digestive function.

But, but, however, leek is a hot food, eating too much may cause pregnant women to get angry, and may even cause contractions, which can easily lead to miscarriage of pregnant women. So moms during pregnancy are still far away from leeks!

The second kind-bitter gourd

Bitter melon has a high nutritional value, but it is a cold food. It contains quinine ingredients, which may stimulate the pregnant woman's uterus, causing contractions and easily increasing miscarriage. Therefore, for the sake of fetal treasure, pregnant mothers should eat bitter gourd as little as possible.

The third kind-amaranth

The amaranth consuming population is less than the above two vegetables. Amaranth is more inclined to cold food. The female body also belongs to a negative constitution. Coupled with pregnancy, the body becomes weaker and consumes more cold food. It will lead to contractions in pregnant mothers.

The fourth kind-aunt

Auntie has blood circulation effect. "Suiyiju diet spectrum" clearly pointed out: Cigu Gongzhuo broken blood, Tonglin, slipping tires, tricks. Eating more blood, especially for pregnant mothers. It can be seen that the auntie will have retching and blood breaking after eating too much, which is very bad for pregnant women.

The fifth kind-spinach

Spinach will affect the body's absorption of calcium and zinc. If pregnant mothers consume too much, the calcium and zinc content in the body will decrease, which will affect the normal development of the fetus and even cause miscarriage, which is very bad.

Sixth species-toon

Toon is also a cold vegetable and should not be eaten. And toon is a hair, and eating more can easily induce recurrence of dysentery, so pregnant mothers with slow disease should eat less or not.

The seventh kind-fungus

Fungus is also called watercress, it is a kind of vegetable with good taste. It is delicious with hot pot! However, pregnant women and mothers have missed it, and it is also cold and slippery, which has the disadvantage of slipping and cooling blood. Therefore, expectant mothers in the early pregnancy are not allowed to eat.

Eighth species-long-lived potatoes

Potatoes are also potatoes, which are rich in alkaloids, the longer the potato alkaloid content is higher. Eating potatoes with higher alkali content will affect the normal development of the fetus, causing fetal deformation or abortion. Therefore, pregnant women should stay away from long-standing potatoes (green potatoes can not be eaten).

The ninth species-water chestnut

According to my mother, water chestnuts are also a nutritious vegetable, but pregnant mothers are not allowed to eat them. Water chestnuts are also classified as cold slippery products, which have a certain impact on the first trimester of pregnancy, can promote uterine shortening, and may induce abortion. Therefore, pregnant mothers should stop it.

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