Friday, July 3, 2020

These kinds of signs appear in the first trimester.

The first three months are the unstable period of the baby, which is really careless. However, in addition to seeing red, there are also the following situations that the baby sends you a signal to tell you that he is not good.

1. Feeling of falling pain in the lower abdomen and paroxysmal abdominal pain

During the period of 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers often feel that the tummy is tight, and there will also be a feeling of lower abdominal pain. This may be caused by irregular contractions, when the uterus is contracting It will cause some pressure on the uterus, which may cause some pain. In fact, mothers of this kind of pain do not need to worry too much, usually just rest more often. However, if some mothers not only feel pain in the lower abdomen, sometimes there will be backache, anal bloating, etc., which should be paid attention to. This may be a danger signal sent by your baby, indicating herald abortion, ectopic pregnancy, etc. Danger.

2. Vaginal bleeding

In fact, in the early pregnancy, under normal circumstances, many pregnant mothers will have vaginal bleeding, but the frequency of the case is different. In general, the amount of bleeding in the vagina of the pregnant mother will be very small, and the color is also very light, days It won't be very long. What is the cause of vaginal bleeding? Help Mom to answer, this is just the normal physiological reaction caused by the fetus implanting in the mother. So as long as there is not much bleeding, mothers can feel at ease. However, if there is a lot of vaginal bleeding, and there will be a slight lower abdominal pain, the amount of bleeding continues to increase. At this time, the major event is not good, and it is likely to be "harborling abortion." Help your mother to remind you that you must seek medical treatment in time once you find it, so as not to have a great risk of delaying the fetus at home.

3. The serum HCG or progesterone value of pregnant mothers decreases

First of all, let's help mom to come to science. HCG is called chorionic gonadotropin, a glycoprotein hormone secreted by a cell in the placenta. Doctors diagnose early pregnancy by checking the level of HCG in the serum.

Progesterone is a progesterone, its main purpose is to thicken the endometrium, hyperplasia of blood vessels and glands, which is conducive to embryo implantation, prevents uterine contraction, and is conducive to the normal development of fertilized eggs in the uterus. If the pregnant mother's progesterone is low, it means that the corpus luteum is insufficiency or the corpus luteum declines prematurely, which may cause difficulty in implantation of the fertilized egg or early pregnancy abortion.

4. The early pregnancy reaction disappeared

When I think of pregnancy, I help my mother think about the situation of pregnant women vomiting constantly. I heard many mothers say that they vomited in doubt at that time and felt that the organs in their stomachs were all spit out. However, if you do not vomit, it may be a bad thing. If this happens, and you will still bleed, then mothers should go to the hospital to check the HCG index to see if the fetus is stable.

Therefore, in the first trimester, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to their physical changes, and pay more attention to diet and life. If the body has these four performances, it may be that the fetal development is not stable!

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