Thursday, July 2, 2020

These kinds of maternal births are particularly fast

The speed of birth is related to many factors, so you can get a mental preparation if you understand it in advance. If it is a parturient in these situations, it will be particularly fast when you give birth. If you are a pregnant mother, you can steal it.

A healthy, strong mother

Having a child not only tests the psychological qualities of the mother, but is also a complete physical task. Whether to give strength during labor depends mainly on whether the parturient is in good health. If you are in good health, you will not only have less risk during production, but also have more energy and effort. Doctors like this kind of maternity, as long as you follow the doctor's instructions, you should save your energy when you are young, and use your strength when you are hard.

Maternity with good birth age and smooth birth position

Generally speaking, 23-30 is the best childbearing age for women. At this time, the physical fitness is good, the birth canal conditions are relatively good, the stretch is also good, and the birth will be faster. At the same time, we must ensure that the fetal position is smooth, which is also the first condition for smooth birth. For a maternal with a smooth fetal position, the baby's fetal head is facing down. Therefore, those pregnant mothers with babies in horizontal position and breech position should not choose to give birth.

Parturients with normal amniotic fluid in the abdomen

Many pregnant mothers will break the water before giving birth, but it will take some time for the baby to be born after the break. If the amount of amniotic fluid in the parturient is normal at this time, it can lubricate the baby's birth, shorten the birth process, and make the delivery faster. On the contrary, those women with too little amniotic fluid will prolong the birth process due to the lack of lubrication of the fetus, and also increase the risk of dyspnea and hypoxia.

Maternity with a small baby weight

Whether birth is fast or not, in addition to the condition of the mother, another condition is the weight of the fetus. If the fetus weighs too much, or if the double top diameter exceeds 100 mm, it will exceed the narrowest meridian width in the pelvis, and there is a risk of dystocia. In general, this situation is more suitable for caesarean section. For those women with smaller fetuses, it is relatively easier to give birth and the birth is faster. For example, my cousin, the child was born a little over 4 pounds, she said that she was born very fast, and the pain was not as strong as she thought. In her words: "Bearing a child is like constipation, and it takes a few more efforts to get out." In fact, after all, she was born quickly and easily, or because her baby weighed less.

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