Saturday, July 4, 2020

These kinds of foods are easy to increase the baby's myopia, you need to eat as little as possible

Eating sugar is simply the nature of most children, but mothers often worry that eating too much sugar is not good for their teeth. Some mothers don’t pay attention to a small amount of sugar, but today, they have found that eating sugar is not only bad for teeth. It may even cause myopia.

Moms are also shocked! You will definitely ask, why eating sugar is easy to cause myopia? This is because when sugar is metabolized in the body, it consumes a lot of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B1 and calcium. Vitamin B1 and calcium are important elements to protect the eyes. If these two kinds of substances are lacking, it will cause the elasticity of the retina to decrease, the pressure in the lens of the eye to increase, and visual fatigue may easily occur, which may cause myopia.

In fact, in addition to sugar, there are three types of food that can cause and increase myopia. Here is a list to help moms to remind moms.

1. Carbonated beverages: The main components of carbohydrate beverages are sugar, spices, and carbonated water, citric acid and other acidic substances. If you drink too much carbonated beverages, it will reduce the elasticity of the tissues in the eye and reduce the storage of trace elements chromium, making the eye The axis tends to become longer, causing myopia. And some carbonated drinks also contain pigments and caffeine, so whether or not to prevent myopia, mothers should reduce the number of times the baby drinks carbonated.

2. Garlic: Chinese medicine believes that long-term consumption of garlic hurts blood and hurts the eyes and brain. During the treatment of patients with eye diseases, the doctor will tell them not to eat and the five spices and other irritating foods such as garlic, shallot, onion, ginger, and pepper, otherwise it will affect the efficacy.

3. Overcooked protein foods: Eating too many overcooked protein foods can cause abnormal calcium metabolism in the body and cause calcium deficiency. Chromium and calcium directly affect the body's adjustment of the intraocular fluid pressure.

Therefore, for the sake of the baby's eyesight, these kinds of foods should be eaten by children as little as possible. Of course, the treasure mothers must also want to keep the baby's eyes bright, so they should eat these types of foods as much as possible! Having said so many foods that are likely to cause myopia, mothers can’t wait to know which foods are preventing myopia! Don't worry, after a careful review of the information combined with experience, the mother found that such food is roughly divided into three categories.

1. Hard food: Now families like to give their children fine food, which is easy to digest and chew. In fact, eating more hard foods can not only exercise your baby's chewing function, but also promote your baby's vision development. This is because when eating hard food, the chewing of the mouth will promote the movement of facial muscles, which includes the eye muscles, which can promote the development of children's vision. Studies have shown that children who often eat soft foods such as noodles are more likely to have poor eyesight; while those who often eat hard foods have a relatively small chance of myopia. So always remember to give your child more hard foods, such as carrots, apples, beans, etc., to promote vision development.

2. Foods rich in vitamin A: The healthy development of vision is inseparable from vitamin A. If the child lacks vitamin A, it is easy to cause night blindness. In a slightly dark environment, the vision is poor or even completely invisible. It can also cause dry eye disease. A series of eye diseases. Therefore, children must pay attention to the intake of vitamin A, like carrots, animal liver, pumpkin, spinach, etc. are good choices.

3. Foods rich in calcium: calcium not only promotes the development of children's height, it also stabilizes the eye pressure and maintains it in a normal state, avoiding the formation of myopia due to abnormal development of the lens. Some experts have pointed out that lack of calcium is also one of the important causes of myopia. Therefore, you must remember to give your children more calcium-rich foods such as milk, beans, and green leafy vegetables!

As children grow up, food is something that must be ingested every day, so after understanding today’s content, I believe that moms can better prepare healthy and nutritious food for their babies!

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