Monday, July 6, 2020

These discomforts during pregnancy are too common, basically there is no treasure mother who does not account for it

In general, the following discomforts are very common during pregnancy. I bet that treasure moms have to account for at least one, and the one that does not occupy does not exist at all. Let's take a look at my husband to see what his wife has experienced during pregnancy.

Morning sickness

Very few people can avoid morning sickness in the first three months. When you smell gasoline or other smells, you feel sick and want to vomit. People who haven't experienced it don't know how powerful it is. I didn't respond very much during the first trimester, but I was sick and couldn't eat, but my cousin was different. She was able to vomit for almost half an hour, and finally vomited everything in her stomach, and she vomited green bile. If men can’t imagine this feeling, they can use their fingers to stimulate their throats to vomit a few times.

Morning sickness will gradually disappear after three months. If morning sickness is too severe, you can eat less and eat more meals, eat more light and digestible food, and do not eat greasy and sweet foods, so that the symptoms of morning sickness will be relieved.

Pubic pain

Some pregnant mothers will have a pain in the thigh roots in the third trimester. If you take a serious step by step pain, it is the pain caused by the separation of the pubic bone. The mother with pubic pain can't walk, and it's better to stand for a while, but it can't stand for too long. Not to mention, the most difficult thing is sleep. I couldn't turn over in bed at night, and I felt pain when I lay down.

Pregnant mothers with pubic pain can buy a pregnant woman's pillow on the leg when they sleep, so that the pregnant belly can be supported. This will relieve the symptoms of pubic pain and improve sleep.

Frequent urination

Pregnant mothers will frequently go to the toilet in the third trimester. At this time, the enlarged uterus presses on the bladder, which makes people often have urine. I remember going shopping with my friends during the third trimester. I have to go to the bathroom two or three times after shopping, and I have to go after a while. I don’t have much urine but I feel suffocated, which is quite embarrassing.

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