Friday, July 3, 2020

These 6 kinds of pain appear in the body during pregnancy, indicating that the fetus is developing very healthy

After pregnancy, in addition to the various pregnancy reactions that occur during pregnancy, pregnant mothers also have to face physical pain. These pains are medically known as pregnancy pain. Among them, pain in some parts is a normal reaction during pregnancy, so pregnant mothers encounter these pains during pregnancy, do not worry too much:

Early pregnancy:

1. Abdominal pain

In the first trimester, because the embryo is growing and developing, the uterus will increase accordingly, causing the movement and contraction of the uterine wall. At this time, the pregnant mother will feel a slight cramp and soreness in the lower abdomen. It should be noted here that if sudden abdominal pain occurs during the first 3 months of pregnancy, and it is accompanied by irregular bleeding, it is necessary to be alert at this time whether it is ectopic pregnancy and hydatidiform mole, and you must go to the hospital as soon as possible. Check it out.

2. Chest pain

After pregnancy, the secretion of estrogen and progesterone in pregnant mothers' bodies will increase, and then it will stimulate the expansion and development of the mammary duct, and then breast tenderness will occur, resulting in secondary development. Breast swelling and pain are actually normal reactions during pregnancy. These should be the preparation of mothers in the future, so mothers need not worry. However, you must be careful when washing your breasts during this period, just wipe gently with a hot towel.

Second trimester:

1. Calf cramps

During this period, the fetus will develop quickly, so the demand for calcium is also very large. If the pregnant mothers do not take enough calcium at this time, there will be loose teeth and cramps in the calves. Therefore, pregnant mothers are advised to add calcium according to the doctor’s recommendations, eat some foods with high calcium content such as shrimp skin, soy beans, etc., or go out to sunbathe, which is conducive to the synthesis of vitamin D and promotes The body's absorption of calcium.

2. Backache

During the second trimester, the fetus develops rapidly, and the amount of amniotic fluid will also increase at this time. These will be concentrated on the abdomen of the pregnant mothers, and the body weight of the pregnant mothers will move forward. At this time, in order to maintain body balance, pregnant mothers will unconsciously push the abdomen forward and move their entire body backwards, so that the back muscles are in a tight state for a long time, it is easy to appear backache.

Third trimester:

1. Pelvic pain

After pregnancy, in order to allow the baby to pass through the pelvis smoothly, pregnant mothers will produce a relaxing hormone in the body, which can soften the ligaments in the pelvis, so pregnant mothers will have pelvic pain when walking.

2. Pubic bone pain

In the third trimester of pregnancy, there will be a very painful pain-pubic pain. This is because the uterus of the pregnant mothers is enlarged by the fetus, and the pubic bone will be forced to widen due to the pressure, especially when the pregnant mothers move around. This pain will be very obvious. But this is also a sign that the fetus is healthy and ready to be born. What pregnant mothers do at this time is to relax their minds and put a pillow between their legs when they sleep, which can relieve some pubic pain.

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