Saturday, July 4, 2020

These 5 kinds of children's commonly used drugs should not be taken with hot water, otherwise they will be eaten in vain!

The editor first tells you that there are several types of medicines that cannot be taken with hot water, otherwise it will be the same as not taken.

The first medicine: enzymes, live vaccines, active bacteria preparations

Enzymes: It is some active protein, usually made into yeast tablets and pepsin tablets, etc. If you take hot water when taking it, then it will result in reduced or no effect. Because the enzyme will solidify when it meets high heat, the popular saying is that the active enzyme is killed.

Active bacteria: This is the most common one. Mummy loves this medicine. Mummy love contains two strains of Streptococcus faecalis and Bacillus subtilis, which can regulate children's mild diarrhea, or intestinal digestion is not good. Pay attention when you love, because it is active bacteria, pay attention to the water temperature when taking it with water.

The requirement of the active bacteria for water temperature is water below 40 ℃, or it can be taken directly by cooling and opening.

Second medicine: Syrup medicine

For this type of syrup medicine, Xiao Bian uses cough syrup to give examples.

When cough syrup is given to children, most of them let the children drink directly, and then let the children drink water, in fact, you can drink water, but pay attention to the water temperature and dosage of drinking water, because the cough syrup will cover the throat area after drinking , Help the body to repair the inflamed bacteria and form a protective film. If you drink too much water, it will dilute the medicine and it will not work. Drinking hot water will kill the bacteria easily.

Usually it is below 37℃ water, just drink a little.

The third medicine: capsule medicine

This kind of medicine is generally rarely used by children under the age of six, but I also want to tell parents that the capsules of capsule medicines are made of gelatin. If you use hot water in the process of taking medicines, it will speed up The dissolution rate of the capsule, the drug inside does not reach the destination and begins to release the drug, which not only affects the drug's drug properties, but also affects the safety.

It is generally recommended to take warm water when eating capsules, so as to ease the speed of capsule dissolution.

Fourth medicine: vitamins

Before, the editor said that eating an effervescent tablet and drinking water caused the child to suffocate. In fact, effervescent tablets are our common vitamin C. Parents should pay attention to when taking vitamin medicines for children. When paying attention to the water temperature, hot water will oxidize and decompose vitamins B1 and B2, thus losing its medicinal properties.

Fifth medicine: Chinese medicine and Chinese patent medicine containing volatile components

When parents give their children medicine, do they have bagged medicine particles, such as antipyretic medicine, Bupleurum particles, and fired honeysuckle particles, etc. When brewing, I don’t know if the parents use hot water or warm water. , Hot water brewing will make the drug's effect volatilize or halve.

Generally, for granular medicines, water with a temperature below 40°C is used, which can better protect the efficacy of the medicine.

The above are the five medicines that the editor said. In fact, there is another kind of medicine that is almost not used by children. This medicine is amoxicillin. This medicine can not be taken with hot water. The temperature of the water is also 40 ℃. Don’t let it go and drink it. Parents must pay attention to it. Don’t ask the children next time to take these medicines. Then ask the children to take medicine for a long time. It may not be good. Maybe your water temperature is not well controlled.

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