Friday, July 3, 2020

These 4 smells on children may be a sign of discomfort

For little babies, because they can't speak, many times their body will be expressed in a crying way if there is something abnormal. However, not all problems of the baby will be expressed in a crying way, which requires mothers to identify through their own careful observation. For example, if the following three flavors appear in the child's body, it may be a problem with the child's health:

1. There is an unpleasant smell in the mouth

For the babies who are still breastfeeding, there will often be a light scent of milk in their mouths. But if the mothers smell some unpleasant smells in the child's mouth, such as rotten odor. This may be because the child's oral hygiene is not done properly, and food residues are decomposed by bacteria in the mouth. At this time, mothers can use gauze dipped in warm water to rinse the baby's mouth or feed the baby some boiled water. If there is still such a taste, it may be because the baby's gastrointestinal digestion is not good. At this time, the mother will take the child to the hospital for a check.

2. There will be urine smell

Many babies will have a urine odor, and many parents will think if the child is wetting the bed again, or if they stick to their clothes when they are peeing, they do not notice. If the child does not have the habit of wetting constantly, but there will still be such a smell on the body, then mothers should pay attention at this time, the most likely cause is that the baby has chronic nephritis or kidney disease. Because there is no urine in the baby in this situation, it will cause certain toxic substances (such as urea nitrogen, creatinine, etc.) to be difficult to be excreted in time, melt into the blood, and then may cause the baby to breathe with a urine smell (yes A dangerous sign that the condition tends to be serious). If this is the case, parents must take their children to the hospital for relevant examinations in a timely manner and determine the specific reasons before they can be treated symptomatically.

3. The body has a "smelly" smell

This kind of situation often occurs in younger children, especially fatter babies. If you smell such a smell on your baby, it may be because some wrinkled areas on the body are flooded, and these places will emit an unpleasant odor. The smell is only one aspect of the performance. If the baby has such a situation for a long time, the skin of the flooded area will also appear red and swollen and painful. Therefore, when mothers take care of their children, they must make careful observations, especially pay attention to the armpits, neck, thighs and other parts of the baby, keep the baby's skin dry, and dry the baby diligently. In this way, the baby will also reduce crying caused by physical discomfort, and it will not be too hard for mothers to bring their children.

4. The foul smell of poop

Whether the stool is normal or not is also a reflection of the health of the child. Many treasure mothers will also judge the health of the baby by studying the child's stool. Because at different times, or the baby eats differently, these will cause the child's stool to change. And if there are abnormal changes in the stool, it means that the child's physical health has problems. For example, the baby often discharges black stools, and there will be pungent smells such as malodor and sour odor. That may be a problem with the baby's gastrointestinal digestion. At this time, the mother should be vigilant.

Taking care of children is a very laborious task, which requires moms to take it seriously and take good care of the baby in the details of life. Because only mothers can be more careful to discover the baby's changes in life in time, so that the baby can grow more healthily.

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