Thursday, July 2, 2020

There is often a nap during pregnancy, and the pregnant woman who does not nap, the difference between the fetus is very obvious after birth

As modern people's daily life and rest are getting late and work pressure is increasing, lunch break becomes a very important way to rest. Imagine having enough lunch, resting on the bed or table for half an hour to forty Minutes, waking up full of energy to go to work and live, how happy it is.

However, due to the nature of the work of some companies, there is no lunch break at noon, so many young people do not develop the habit of taking a nap. The impact of this lifestyle in daily life is actually not obvious, but if you are a pregnant mother, it is very important to take a nap!

As the old saying goes, the spring is sleepy, the autumn is sleepy, the summer is nodding, and the winter is March. Pregnant mothers were originally extremely prone to fatigue. The lunch break is the best time to relieve one morning's fatigue and start a full-hearted afternoon. However, some pregnant mothers are willing to chase dramas, brush Weibo, and chat with others at noon. I don't want to take a nap when I pass the time, so it doesn't seem tiring, but it makes a big difference for the unborn baby!

When a pregnant mother takes a nap, the baby's immunity will be great!

There is a reason for everything to appear in the world, and so is siesta. After all, if siesta is not important, in the long history of history, for social and economic development, people should continue to work during the siesta time. There are actually many related researches about nap, but what they have in common is that after the morning activity of the human body, after the blood sugar rises after lunch, it takes some time for the body and brain to relax. At this time, short sleep can give a hint to the lymphocytes in the body, telling them that they can also regulate themselves, which can enhance the body's immunity.

When a pregnant mother develops a habit every day and creates inertia to the cells in the body, the cells of the fetus in the womb will be inspired accordingly, so the immunity of the fetus after birth will be much higher than that of the children of pregnant mothers who do not take a nap. .

When the pregnant mother takes a nap, the baby's memory will be better!

As mentioned above, taking a nap can provide a short break for the body and brain to make the afternoon and night more energetic. After the brain is well rested for a long time, various functions will definitely perform better. When I am here, the body is growing everywhere, especially the brain, so if you can give your child a good rest during pregnancy, their memory after birth will be much stronger than the equivalent children who do not get enough rest. !

Not to mention that this result has already been tested by foreign research groups. They selected 40 preschool children and gave them some pictures to select and sort themselves. 20 children went to take a nap, 20 children did not Taking a nap, when in the afternoon, the part of the kid who is taking a nap can restore the cards selected in the morning easier and more accurately.

When pregnant mothers take a nap, the baby will have a healthier body and work and rest style in the future!

Many things are genetically controlled, but there are many health aspects that pregnant mothers can provide a good foundation for their children during pregnancy. Only when the pregnant mother rests well and the pregnant mother is healthy can the child have a better physical condition. In terms of work and rest methods, in fact, what pregnant mothers do during pregnancy is easily inherited to children. If a pregnant mother has the habit of nap and early bedtime and early wakeup during pregnancy, the child will naturally get used to this lifestyle after birth!

However, although the nap is good, do not snooze! If you sleep too long, your head will be dizzy, but it will be bad for your health! I hope every mother and baby have a healthy body~

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