Saturday, July 4, 2020

There are these three feelings during pregnancy, indicating that the fetal treasure has entered a period of rapid increase

Since pregnancy, pregnant mothers can feel the baby growing up a little bit in their belly every day, and that kind of happiness and satisfaction is also unparalleled. In order to make the baby develop better, the pregnant mother will also seriously supplement various nutritional elements to provide more developmental nutrition for the fetus. But at the same time, pregnant mothers will also have faint worries. If they eat too much, they will eat all of them. If their weight is getting fatter, and their weight will increase, then they will be too distressed. In fact, pregnant mothers can relax, although fetal treasure is developing every day, but he has a period of rapid growth, pregnant mothers can seize these stages, eat delicious, pay close attention to supplement nutrition, help the fetus develop better, Pregnant mothers will not gain much weight. There are these three feelings during pregnancy, which means that fetal treasure has entered a period of rapid increase, and pregnant mothers can open up to eat.

Often feel calf cramps

In the second trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers often feel cramps in the lower legs. They cramp more severely when sleeping at night, and sometimes even cause bad sleep. This feeling indicates that the fetus is developing rapidly, the body's limbs and bones are developing, and there is a higher demand for calcium. At this time, pregnant mothers must take the time to replenish nutrition, especially calcium, usually eat more calcium-containing foods, if the calcium deficiency is serious, you can add calcium under the guidance of a doctor.

Frequent urination and urgency, always want to go to the toilet

In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, if the pregnant mother feels like this, she obviously doesn't drink much water, but she always wants to go to the toilet, either in the toilet all day or on the way to the toilet. This shows that another period of fetal treasure has come. At this time, the head, body and limbs of the fetal treasure are rapidly growing and developing. When the volume of the fetal treasure becomes larger, it will press the bladder of the pregnant mother, causing the pregnant mother to want to go to the toilet. At this time, pregnant mothers must not hold back urine to avoid affecting health.

The legs start to swell, and the legs are getting heavier

In the third trimester, the fetal treasure developed very quickly. When the pregnant mother found that her legs were swollen and her legs became heavier, it meant that the last surge of the fetal treasure was ushered in. At this time, the fetal treasure was basically formed, so this time the fetus The main task of Bao in the mother's stomach is to absorb nutrition to make herself grow better and stronger. Fetal treasure becomes stronger and stronger, and the burden on pregnant mothers will become heavier and heavier.

When you feel that Feibao is in a period of rapid growth, pregnant mothers can eat more, but they must pay attention to nutritional matching. You must control your weight throughout the pregnancy and eat reasonably.

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