Friday, July 3, 2020

There are several things that are easy to hurt the spine and brain of newborns, but many mothers do it every day!

After more than 280 hard days, we finally met the baby. You are looking at the child with all your pets, trying to give him (her) all the good things in the world. Gently touch him (her) with your hand. This is a beautiful life. In the future, I will eat with me, take a bath together, play games together, etc. I can't count. While fantasizing all this, there is also concern that he (she) is so vulnerable now, how should I raise him (her)? These few things must not be done to newborns.

1. Hold your baby too early

Many parents like to hold the baby in an upright position, which makes it easier to hold. Coupled with the child who holds the child horizontally, his/her field of vision will become narrow, and he can only look up at the things in the sky. This is one of the reasons why many children like to hold their arms vertically. But newborns cannot hold their arms too early, because his (her) head occupies a quarter of the body, holding the baby upright, the weight of his (her) head will be pressed against the cervical spine, and they are just born, the muscles of the neck There is not enough power to support the head, which may cause great damage to the baby's spine. Under normal circumstances, it is better to wait for the child to hold her baby after four months.

2. Shaking or shaking the baby violently

Xiaoli's family conditions are not very good, only two weeks of confinement, she hurried into work and let her mother-in-law take care of the children. But the mother-in-law has a habit, every time to tease the child likes to shake him. Xiaoli didn't pay much attention at first, thinking that her mother-in-law was playing with her children. And this is her grandson after all, how can it harm the child? Unexpectedly, when the child is getting older, he finds that he learns more slowly than other children. His eyes are always empty, and Xiao Li is very panic, so she takes the child to the hospital for examination, and the result is cerebral palsy. No one thought that a small action actually hurt the child so much. For Xiaoli's family, this is definitely not worse.

Everyone knows that the brain is mainly composed of the left and right brains. It is one of the most complex structures of the human body and the material basis for advanced neural activities such as consciousness, spirit, language, learning, memory, and intelligence. The newborn baby's brain is under development. The shaking action of the adult makes it easy for the baby's young brain tissue to constantly shake and collide in the cranial cavity due to the habitual effect, which can cause the child's concussion, cerebral edema, and even cause cerebral hemorrhage. problem. And the younger the child, the greater the impact.

3. Don't bind your baby

Newborn babies have low resistance. Many mothers are afraid that their babies will catch cold. They will use a quilt to bind the child. The child will be tied tightly, and even hands and feet will be tied with special things. The starting point is good, but also the correct way to wrap the child. If the binding is too tight, it will affect the child's quality of sleep and cause breathlessness. And the place where we bind is generally in the stomach, which will also damage the baby's stomach and intestines, affecting appetite, and the baby will often overflow and spit milk. In addition, the baby's limbs will also be restricted and unable to move normally, affecting the child's normal development. If the package is too tight, the baby will sweat, irritate the skin, and appear symptoms such as redness and allergies. Therefore, you must pay attention when doing this thing.

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