Wednesday, July 1, 2020

There are many culprits in women’s postpartum depression, but these people’s actions are more critical

Now, everyone feels stressful and unsatisfactory in life, and even women after childbirth are not spared. Therefore, so many women are suffering from postpartum depression. They may be sad alone or be emotional with their family. The more important thing is to do stupid things and even destroy an otherwise happy family.

There are many culprits in postpartum depression, but the actions of these people are more critical.


The most difficult part of a woman's depression after giving birth is her own baby. If it were not for production, how could one be tortured from a self-confident, generous and optimistic person to a poor, irritable and helpless poor worm? After a woman is born, the progesterone has not completely subsided, and her mood is unstable. Especially after the birth of the baby, it is difficult to coax. Either let the hug sit for the night, or let the hug walk around, and more importantly, this person must be a mother. If it was held by other people in the family, he would cry more and more, which really made Baoma not spend any time.

When encountering such noisy babies, many treasure moms who have no baby experience will always be inexplicably angry, and they will feel helpless and helpless. Therefore, many women who suffer from postpartum depression due to unreasonable "actions" by their babies will unconsciously vent their bad emotions to their children. Therefore, only some women with postpartum depression will scold the baby. They felt that it was all because of the arrival of the baby. Therefore, it is recommended that when the family finds that the baby is difficult to bring, they must find a way to help Bao Ma share, and do not let the baby torment her mother "crazy".


The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been difficult since ancient times. Especially in the confinement period, if the mother-in-law is waiting, the best relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will also have contradictions. After all, the two generations of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have different life experiences and thoughts, so they often quarrel in some small things in life. Especially when you encounter a hard-working, nagging, and care-in-law, Baomao don't want to settle down in her confinement.

A friend of mine, her mother-in-law did not let her bathe, wash her hair, drink salted soup, or let her buy things online. She was a clean-loving person, crying in the mirror several times because of her dirty body and smelly hair in less than half a month. There is also the thing of buying things online. In fact, she buys things used by babies and mothers, but her mother-in-law thinks that she is arbitrarily spending money when she is not going to work. , Really shivering my friend. As a result, she suffered from postpartum depression before the first month of life. Therefore, the postpartum emotions of Baomao are largely influenced by her mother-in-law.


Husband, Bao Ma's closest person, if he didn't understand himself after giving birth, how desperate Bao Ma should be. It is normal for a woman to be sensitive and emotionally poor after delivery. If her husband thinks that it is a wife's work and still works with her, Baoma will easily get postpartum depression. After all, women are physically and mentally weak after childbirth. As a husband, she should take the initiative to help her share housework and take care of children, and give her care and tolerance in a timely manner. When the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law have conflicts, if the husband can help resolve the problem and protect the wife from grievances, it will also make Bao Ma feel relieved.

Therefore, postpartum depression is really not hypocritical. Mothers and mothers, please feel sorry for the daughter-in-law who has children for your family. They are all foreigners. Why bother with each other? Husbands, please understand and respect the woman who was once tender, lovely, and beautiful around you, who is now irritable, obese, and haggard. Since she chooses each other, why not carry her life together?

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