Tuesday, July 7, 2020

There are many benefits to sleeping in a bed with your baby, but wait for regret if you miss this time!

What are the benefits of split bed sleep for children?

1. Help your baby develop good sleep habits

After sleeping in a separate bed with the baby, the space for sleeping with the baby will become much larger. So when you sleep, you won't be disturbed too much, and your baby won't be awakened by your turning or other movements. Therefore, in sleep, time and quality will be guaranteed, so that both the baby and mother can sleep better.

2. The development of children's independent awareness

When the child is about one and a half years old, there will be a self-conscious germination. When the child sleeps independently, he will have this consciousness that this is my bed, my pillow, my quilt. Through these specific things, children can feel the existence of "self", realize their own independent consciousness, and feel his independent existence in this world.

3. More conducive to the development of children's sense of security

For the child, his sense of security is acquired through his parents and the surrounding environment. Although it is said that when the parents and the child are in separate beds, the child will be very uneasy and cry. But once the parents help the child through the split bed period, the child will gradually adapt and experience the joy of growth. This feeling will build up the child's self-confidence and self-esteem. As long as the child has these qualities, he will have a real sense of security in this world.

Do moms know the benefits of sleeping in a bed with a child? But he dare not spoil his baby blindly, not willing to be separated from the baby. Now more and more experts suggest that when the baby is born, the baby should be allowed to sleep in a small bed. In this way, it will be easier to split the bed with the baby before 6 months. Otherwise, the baby will become more and more sticky and become anxious when sleeping in separate beds. All in all, some children have strong adaptability to split-bed sleeping and some have poor adaptability. The earlier the better for split-bed sleeping.

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