Friday, July 3, 2020

There are four kinds of behaviors that are easy to cause infertility. The third is that many women are doing it now!

1. Overweight

I don’t know when it started, the standards for women’s beauty are getting stricter. A4 waist, waistcoat line, backhand touching navel, clavicle lying eggs and other operations make suffocating such a round creature like mom. In order to meet the public aesthetic standards, many women regard weight loss as a lifelong career. It is no longer surprising that news like "A certain actress has not eaten dinner for decades in order to maintain her figure" and "a certain actress has lost a dozen pounds a month in order to adapt to her role" has been sought after by many people.

As everyone knows, behind excessive dieting, in addition to a decrease in appetite, there is also a decrease in luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. This decrease will cause menstrual disorders, abnormal ovulation or non-ovulation. What a dangerous thing! In this case, can the conception rate rise? How likely is it to get pregnant? So, just eat it! After all, having a healthy body is most important.

Second, hold urine for a long time

In daily life, most women may hold their urine because of attending important meetings or watching TV to get fascinated, helping mothers think this is very inappropriate behavior. why?

We all know that the female uterus is located behind the bladder. Holding back urine will fill the bladder, and the position in the body is so large, the uterus will definitely be squeezed by the filled bladder and lean backward. The uterus can hold back for a short period of time, and it can return to its normal position, but in the long run, it is difficult for the uterus to return to its original position, which leads to the backward tilt of the uterus and affects pregnancy.

What kind of things can bear the squeeze every day? So, if you can avoid holding your urine, you can avoid it, but don’t stay in the beauty of your love beans.

3. Excessive psychological pressure

I believe that many treasure moms still have to work even if they get married and have children. After all, not everyone has mines at home. . . There are a lot of things in the family at home, plus the pressure of the workplace caused by work, it is easy for the body to eat. Endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders, and even temporary menopause can easily occur in a depressed environment for a long time.

It is really a pity to help mom personally find that infertility comes to the door because of this situation. If there are any unmanageable things in life, communicate more with your lover, or go out to relax, go shopping with girlfriends or something, and relieve your tense mood.

4. Abortion

Now people's concepts are becoming more and more open, and many couples will have premarital sex, but some people's awareness of contraception is not strong enough, and if they do not take precautions seriously, they will adopt an abortion method to solve unexpected pregnancy. .

Helping mothers not make too many comments about premarital sex, helping mothers want to say to female friends that induced abortion is very harmful to women. Although medical technology is becoming more and more developed now, it is impossible to achieve Any impact. This type of surgery often causes the endometrium to become thinner, affecting the normal implantation of the fertilized egg, and the risk of infertility is still very high.

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