Saturday, July 4, 2020

The treasure moms have this behavior, you need to pay attention, be careful of your baby getting off the anus!

The following editor will come to tell you about some of the disadvantages of giving children shit and urine:

1. First of all, it will affect the baby's spine development

In the process of giving the child urine, the child's spine is curved, and the baby's waist and legs will form a half-fold. At this time, all the pressure will be concentrated on the baby's tail vertebra. However, parents need to know that the baby's spine development is not perfect at this time. Such a posture will cause great harm to the baby.

2. Affect the baby's psychological development

Many parents always set a few fixed points when they give their babies urine. Sometimes the child is having a good time, and the result is that the parent is defecation. However, the child does not want to have a bowel movement at this time, but must be kept by the parents. For the baby, this is a painful thing, and it is also very unfavorable for the child's psychological growth.

3. It is easy to cause the baby to prolapse and hemorrhoids

When parents are holding their children, think about that action, it is easy to increase the baby's abdominal pressure, causing the rectum to slide down, often this way, it is easy to cause prolapse of the anus. Children are prone to prolapse when they are 4 years old. If parents do not want their children to be tortured in the future, they should stop urinating their children.

4. Affect the development of the child's sphincter

When the baby is about three years old, the sphincter muscles located in the urethra and anus can mature, which is the basis for the baby to control the urine. However, if parents often urinate their children with their feces, the children's ability to perceive will be reduced, and they will only defecate when they are defecated. If they don't, they will easily urinate their pants.

After listening to these, do parents still think it is normal to give their children shit and urine? In fact, this kind of habit, I think most of them are handed down from the old generation, I feel generation after generation, this is how they came when they were young. However, this kind of behavior habit is really very harmful to children. It cannot be said that the habits passed down by the older generation are all right.

In daily life, when children should be allowed to defecate autonomously, they must be trained. When parents find that their children will tell themselves that they want to defecate, then they can teach them some simple actions such as taking off their pants and defecating. They may not do well at the beginning, but parents must be patient. If you go on like this, children will usually defecate when they are 2 or 3 years old.

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