Monday, July 6, 2020

The solution to the baby's inertial kicking quilt, the second one worked!

The summer weather is hot, and when sleeping at night, mother often finds that the baby kicked the quilt away. Cover the baby with a quilt, and soon discovered that he kicked off again, which is really annoying. If the baby kicks the quilt more often in one night, it will be easy to catch cold, from diarrhea in some cases to colds and fever in severe cases, what can I do?

In fact, there are many reasons why babies love to kick quilts. Some are due to certain unfavorable factors that cause the baby to kick the quilt, while others are due to the habit of the baby kicking the quilt.

So, what are the disadvantages that will cause the baby to kick the quilt? And how should mothers respond correctly?

1. Unwell

When the baby feels unwell, it will toss and turn at night, and naturally kicks the quilt away. At this time, mothers need to take the baby to the doctor in time to avoid aggravating the condition.

2. There is a problem with the sleeping environment

Babies may kick quilts in an environment that is too noisy, too quiet, too hot, or too cold. Therefore, mothers should create a comfortable sleeping environment for their babies.

3. Clothes and quilts are too thick

If the baby wears pajamas or the quilt is too thick, the baby will have a strong sense of discomfort and kick the quilt subconsciously. Therefore, when sleeping, the baby should be dressed in moderate thickness and covered with a suitable quilt.

4. Too excited before going to bed

Some babies will habitually have some "exercise time" before going to bed. And this habit makes it difficult for the baby to fall asleep smoothly. He even said that even if he fell asleep, he would kick the quilt honestly. Therefore, it is best to give your baby a quiet time before bed.

5. Too full at night or before bed

When the baby is too full at dinner or before going to bed, it is easy to cause bloating and indigestion, which can cause the baby to unconsciously kick the quilt to relieve discomfort. Therefore, no matter whether it is dinner or before going to bed, you should not give your baby too much food. If you eat too much, you should let your baby exercise properly and digest food before going to sleep.

All of the above are due to some unfavorable factors, causing the baby to kick the quilt when sleeping. However, there are some babies who are in good health and habitually kick the quilt for no reason. Faced with this kind of baby, what should mothers do?

1. Listen to soothing music for your baby before bed

Some babies who kick the quilt because they are irritable when they fall asleep. For these babies, mother can listen to him with soothing music before going to bed, so that the baby can fall asleep in a stable mood, and it is not easy to kick the quilt.

2. Choose a sleeping bag suitable for your baby

The simplest and most rude way to solve the problem of baby kicking the quilt is to use a sleeping bag for the baby. In this case, no matter how the baby kicks, he will not get cold. If the conditions at home allow, you can choose a suitable sleeping bag for your baby according to different seasons to solve the problem at one time.

3. Exposing the baby's feet

If moms don’t want to use sleeping bags for their babies and don’t want them to kick the quilts, they may wish to reveal their feet when covering the quilts. In this way, the baby will feel cooler, and it is difficult for the feet to kick off the quilt.

Since becoming a mother, no day has been a good night's sleep. Always wake up in the middle of the night to check on the child's condition. Although this is really hard work, I am very satisfied to see that the baby grows up healthily every day under his own careful care.

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