Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The "one more two less" behavior of pregnant mothers is not good for the fetus

After pregnancy, there are a lot of taboos during pregnancy. In addition to not letting you eat or not, there are many dangerous actions that you cannot have. Although these will be very troublesome, for the health and safety of the fetus, pregnant mothers should pay attention to it. In addition, the following "one or two less" behaviors of pregnant mothers are not good for the fetus.

Stay up all night

When my cousin was pregnant, I especially liked to stay up late to play games. I once played until three o'clock in the morning and didn't stop until my stomach hurts. Later, she went to the hospital for maternity examination. The doctor said that the baby in her belly was much smaller than the normal gestational age, which may be related to her staying up late. Because the fetus is in the belly of the pregnant mother, there are also regular rules of rest and rest. During the day, when the adult is active, the fetus is basically active. When the adult is resting at night, the fetus will naturally rest, and by the way, the body will be long. But like my cousin, I often stay up late and go to work normally during the day. Sometimes I can't eat enough, let alone the fetus.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers who stay up too much every day, for the sake of fetal development and their own health, must develop the habit of going to bed early. A good sleep, mental health and good health of the pregnant mother can provide a good environment for fetal development. The fetus can also be fully rested, so that all body development can be normal.

Too little exercise all day

Many elderly people say "lazy pregnancy, lazy pregnancy", which means that the woman will become lazy after pregnancy. On the one hand, all kinds of discomfort during pregnancy, listless every day, can not be upset about anything, do not want to move. On the other hand, as the gestational week increases, the pregnant mother's body becomes heavier and he is less able to move, and then she is too lazy to move. In fact, this kind of too little exercise during pregnancy is very bad for fetal development. Because the pregnant mother has too little exercise, she always sits and lays down, maintaining a posture for a long time, the fetus will be very uncomfortable in the stomach. Especially pregnant mothers who sit for a long time, it is easy to squeeze the fetus in the abdomen, causing hypoxia. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not be too lazy. Unless the doctor tells you to rest and stay in bed under special circumstances, you should pay attention to proper exercise. Even if you go out and take a walk, you can walk around the house.

Drink too little water every day

We know that early pregnancy is affected by hormones, and the fetus increases and compresses the uterus in the third trimester, and many pregnant mothers will have frequent urination. Sometimes, I have to run the toilet three or four times as a child, especially when I lie down at night and have urine. Therefore, in order to reduce the frequency of urination, many pregnant mothers do not drink much water every day. This kind of behavior is wrong, because the development of the fetus during pregnancy is inseparable from the supplement of the pregnant mother's water, especially when the amniotic fluid is too low. Drinking plenty of water can also speed up the metabolism and help blood circulation, which is very good for the fetus to absorb nutrients. Therefore, pregnant mothers should develop the habit of drinking water, whether they are at home or going to work, they should pay attention to drink plenty of water, do not endure because of fear of going to the toilet.

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