Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The more obvious this feature on female fingers, the easier it is to conceive!

From which parts can women's fertility be seen?

1. Lips

I believe many women like bright red and pink lips. However, some women's lips always appear very dry, without blood color, and such women's fertility will be worse. There are basically two reasons for this condition on the lips. One is lack of water, and the other is the lack of vitamin A in the body. For women who lack water, just add more water, but if lack of vitamin A, it may lead to fetal defects after birth.

2. Crescent on nails

Now please open your hands and see if there is a small, milky crescent on your nails. If you find something, then it means you are healthy. According to expert research, the less crescents on the nails, the less energy a person has, the poorer his physique and immunity, which also means that the person is more prone to fatigue. And, this can also be used as a reference for women's pregnancy ability. In general, women with more crescents on their fingers are more likely to become pregnant. If there are few crescents on a woman's nails, or even no crescents, this woman is a person who is difficult to get pregnant.

3. Fingers

In daily life, under certain circumstances, women's fingers will appear swollen, for example, just after getting off the plane, or during the period of menstruation, etc. When there are these symptoms, it means that your fertility is a bit poor, and female friends can appropriately reduce their salt intake. If after a few days, your fingers are still swollen, or even become difficult to bend, and the obvious feeling is that even the ring worn on your fingers feels tight, then this may indicate that your thyroid function has decreased. This will affect the level of thyroid hormones, leading to metabolic disorders in the body, which will affect the fetal brain development after pregnancy. Therefore, if a woman finds that she has this condition, she should seek medical treatment in time to avoid delaying treatment.

In the above places, we can see the strength of female fertility, and it is relatively simple and intuitive. If a woman finds her body, you should pay more attention when you have these conditions. You must usually add more nutrition, a reasonable diet, and pay attention to physical exercise and adjust your work schedule. I believe that in the near future, The situation will improve a lot.

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