Saturday, July 4, 2020

The four diseases most likely to occur before the baby is three years old

As a parent, the most worrying thing is the health of the child. Sometimes the child coughs continuously, which makes the parent very nervous. The child is sick and even the whole family is worried. For the health of the child, what is the parent’s best for the child to eat? There is nourishment for children, but parents should pay attention to these kinds of situations and don't let children miss the best treatment.

The editor will tell you what the symptoms are:

1. Hip dislocation

Symptoms: the baby's legs are asymmetrical, the knee joint is high and low, the walking posture is limping, there is a click when squatting, the baby always falls when walking, and the baby will cry when walking down the ground .

If these parents are careful, they can be found when the baby is two months old. If you find that you have to go to the hospital to check to see if it is a dislocation of the hip, if it is, then treat it conservatively because the baby is still too young to correct it. After surgery, it can be corrected by surgery. If you drag to the age of three, the chance of recovery will be reduced.

2. Amblyopia and strabismus

Strabismus: It is because of the disorder of central control, which causes the imbalance of muscle strength outside the eyes, so that both eyes cannot look at a target at the same time, one eye looks at the target, and the other eye deviates from looking at the target.

It is good for parents with strabismus to find that when the baby is looking at something, you will find that one eye is looking normally, and the other is to be far away from the corner of the eye, or look at the thing close to the corner of the eye.

Amblyopia: It means that there is no disease in the eyes, and the vision of one eye or both eyes is below the age.

There is also a simple saying about amblyopia, that is, the baby can only see the first two lines of the eye chart.

Amblyopia needs to be checked every three months. If the baby has not recovered by the age of 2, the parents will take the child to the hospital for treatment. If the treatment time is missed, the effect of treatment recovery will be reduced.

3. Retinopathy

Symptoms: The baby's eyeballs become yellowish gray, vision loss, and stare at a target. The eyeball cannot follow the target.

Retinopathy often develops premature babies, 36-week-old babies weigh less than 3 pounds, and the incidence is also very high. This symptom is that the retinal blood vessels are not mature, fibrous hemangioma hyperplasia stretches the retina, causing retinal detachment. One and a half months after birth, I will go to the hospital to check the retina.

4. Hearing impairment

Symptoms: slap on the baby's ear half a meter to observe how the baby reacts. If the baby looks at you, it means that the baby's hearing can be. If there is no response, the parent repeats for two or three days. If not, take the baby to the doctor.

For the hearing of the baby, after the baby is discharged from the hospital, the doctor will tell him to let the baby check the hearing one week after the discharge. Generally, if you can't check it, you will have to reply it every month. Will affect the baby's speech.

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