Saturday, July 4, 2020

The first time you come to the aunt after childbirth, you must know these 3 things!

When pregnant, the mothers are most happy because they don’t have to suffer from the big aunt every month. After giving birth, the mothers may be accustomed to the state where no big aunt is coming, but they should always come. Unconsciously, the big aunt comes again once a month.

When is menstruation normal after delivery?

Because each baby's physique is different, the timing of menstruation after birth is also different. There is no clear time point. Generally speaking, mothers who do not breastfeed will have menstruation earlier than breastfeeding mothers. Mothers who are not breastfeeding will generally have menstruation within 3 months after delivery, while breastfeeding mothers will usually have menstruation between 4-6 months.

What should mothers pay attention to when they come to the aunt for the first time after giving birth?

1. Breast milk should be fed normally

Many older people think that once the aunts come to the aunt, the milk they secrete will be no longer nutritious. Therefore, when the aunts come to the aunt, they will not give their children breast milk, but will switch to milk powder. But this approach is not good. Because the aunts come to the aunt, although the proportion of some components of the milk will be slightly changed, it will not affect the nutrition of the milk. And once the child is suddenly converted into milk powder, it will not only affect the child's health, but also make Baoma appear to be in a state of swollen milk, or can not empty the milk, and hold the milk back.

2. Contraceptive measures should be taken

Many couples have a misunderstanding that if the mother does not come to the aunt, it means that the body does not ovulate, so she will not be pregnant. So when they are in the same room, they will not take contraception. As a result, many treasure mothers, after not long before pregnancy, became pregnant again, and fell into such an embarrassing situation. In fact, if Momma does not come to her aunt after giving birth, it does not mean that she will not lay eggs. Normally, ovulation resumes before the official holiday, so if you don’t want Baomao to become pregnant just after giving birth, you should still do your birth control when you have sex.

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene

When the moms come to the aunt for the first time after giving birth, they may also discharge the lochia that the body did not expel in time during delivery. Therefore, when the aunts come to the aunt, they must pay special attention to clean the body. It is not necessary to ask the mothers to wash their lower body every day, but they should change their underwear frequently and use high-quality sanitary napkins. This will greatly reduce the probability of bacterial infection, and also very helpful to the recovery of Bao Ma's body.

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