Saturday, July 4, 2020

The fetus stops developing, there may be a problem with the chromosome

What are the reasons for fetal suspension?

1. There is a problem with the embryo

In the case of fetal suspension, the cause of the embryo's own problems is the highest, basically accounting for half. We all know that a normal embryo should have 23 pairs of chromosomes, but if the number or structure of chromosomes is abnormal, then the embryo will stop developing.

2. The reason of the pregnant mother

The physical cause of the pregnant mother is also one of the main reasons leading to the suspension of the fetus. It's about 40%. If the pregnant mother has a uterine malformation, uterine disease, or the uterus is infected with viruses and bacteria, it may cause the fetus to stop developing or abortion. In addition, when pregnant mothers are pregnant, if they say that endocrine disorders, it may also cause the fetus to stop developing.

3. Reasons for men

The female friend mentioned in the story just encountered this kind. Although this kind of reason is relatively rare, accounting for only about 10%, it is also possible. The fetal stoppage caused by males is mostly caused by abnormal chromosomes of male sperm or excessive sperm fragmentation.

What should I do if the phenomenon of fetal suspension occurs?

1. Go to the hospital to check if the embryo is normal

After going to the hospital, you can check the embryos that have been stopped to find out the main reason for the suspension. After clarifying the cause, the doctor will give a clear treatment opinion according to the situation of the pregnant mothers.

2. Both husband and wife go to the hospital for self-examination

For women, the main thing is to check whether they have some gynecological diseases that are not found on weekdays, as well as their own chromosomes and endocrine conditions. For men, it is mainly to check the health of sperm. It’s best for both husband and wife to check to avoid misunderstandings. Because of this kind of thing, women are generally more accused.

These are some of the reasons for fetal suspension. If you have any abnormalities in your fetus after pregnancy, don’t hesitate, you should go to the hospital immediately to find out the reason, so as not to cause more serious conditions.

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