Thursday, July 2, 2020

The correct way to open pets during pregnancy, as long as you do this, you can still raise

In fact, pregnancy is painful and happy for many women. During pregnancy, we will have various symptoms such as inconvenience, vomiting, not wanting to eat, leg cramps, edema, etc., which makes us extremely uncomfortable. Even if you have a pet at home, you can't keep it. Even if you go out, you have to apply for it. I feel that my freedom is deeply restricted. But as soon as we touch our stomachs and think of a baby with our own bloodline coming to our side, it feels worthwhile to eat too much bitterness. Here, help your mother to tell you the good news. During pregnancy, pets and sports can be raised. As long as these aspects are done well, it is actually possible.

1. Keep pets

Pets are now particularly popular, especially puppies and kittens. And keeping pets is also a love that can be cultivated, so that pets have their own home, and will not be bullied, frozen or hungry outside. For human beings, their lives will not be so lonely anymore, its existence also brings a lot of joy to themselves.

However, many people think that it is not suitable to keep pets during pregnancy, which is really cruel for pet lovers, because keeping pets poses many threats to pregnant women, including rabies and toxoplasmosis. Needless to say, rabies is well known, and no cure has been found in medicine so far. Once infected, fetal babies and babies may be fatally threatened. As for toxoplasmosis, if a pregnant woman is infected with Toxoplasma gondii, it is likely to cause symptoms such as slipping, stillbirth, and deformity of the baby. In severe cases, it threatens the safety of the baby and pregnant mother. Since there are so many disadvantages, why can we keep pets during pregnancy?

According to medical experts, as long as these aspects are done well, you can actually keep pets at home. The reason why we think that pets cannot be kept during pregnancy is mainly because they are afraid of toxoplasma gondii or scratching and biting pregnant women, which is very disadvantageous for pregnant mothers and babies. Cats and other feline animals are the original host of Toxoplasma gondii, mainly through the digestive tract, such as eating half-cooked meat, by cleaning cat feces remaining on the hands without washing, etc.

Therefore, if you have a pet at home, take it to the hospital to check whether there are Toxoplasma gondii on your body and treat it in time. Regularly bathe pets, vaccinate pets, do not let them go to bed, clean up feces and give them to other members of the family for cleaning, and wash their hands in time. If you are uneasy, you can limit the space for pets. To a certain extent, pregnancy and pet keeping do not conflict.

Second, sports

Many people think that exercise is not allowed during pregnancy and that exercise can cause miscarriage. In fact, as long as you do not have the risk of premature birth, the fetus is not in a correct position or multiple births, you can exercise properly. For example, it is possible to do yoga and swimming under the guidance of a coach, walk or jog in the square near the community or home after a meal, but never exercise vigorously, which is risky. If the doctor diagnoses that your physical fitness is not good and rests at home, it is recommended not to exercise, which is a guarantee for the baby and you.

She was pregnant in October and gave birth. These more than 280 days for us, speaking long and long, neither long nor long. We may face many difficulties during this period, and even our bodies and minds will be tortured and suffering. But as long as you hear the baby's loud crying, all these difficulties have long disappeared into clouds. Therefore, pregnant mothers want to keep pets and exercise during pregnancy, as long as all conditions permit, it is possible. I am really uneasy. I can ask the relevant experts for advice, and then consider this matter, otherwise you and your baby will be the last ones to suffer.

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