Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The combination of these two blood types is easy to give birth to a "perfect blood type" baby

Most people value personality, talent, or family background when they are in love, but few people pay attention to blood type. As everyone knows, there is also a lot of knowledge in blood type, such as blood type A and type B. Blood and AB blood type parents can’t give birth to a baby of type O blood, but we also know that people with different blood types have different temperaments and temperaments. Each of the existing blood types in humans has every kind of uniqueness. The advantages, but the corresponding shortcomings will also have their own shortcomings. After scientific research and investigation, experts concluded that when the parents are all O-type blood, the baby born is the closest to perfect.

ABO hemolysis is likely to occur when people with type O blood combine with other blood types when giving birth, but this phenomenon will not occur if both parents have type O blood. ABO hemolysis can be treated early after the baby is born, and will not have too serious effects. O-type blood is also called "the strongest blood type". O-type blood can be used in humans of any blood type to help others when they encounter difficulties, but people with O-type blood can only lose O-type blood if they have problems. .

If both husband and wife are O-type blood, the baby born can not only avoid ABO hemolysis, but also have some unexpected benefits, because O-type blood itself is the oldest blood type, and its own pioneering spirit makes O People with blood type have a unique charm. Next, let's take a look at the advantages of babies with blood type O.

1. Children with O-type blood have been leaders since childhood

The origin of this feature is because people with type O blood generally have very clear goals in doing things. Everything they do is not determined by a beat of the brain, but after careful thinking and careful planning. Not only that, people of this blood type are also good at taking different measures for things according to the actual situation. Simple theory will not become the final factor in deciding one thing, so this kind of thoughtful personnel when doing things is easy to work at work Top-notch, that's why people with type O blood have congenital leadership.

2. Children with O blood type are filial, Gu family

When children grow up, filial piety and filial piety is the most important question for parents, but after research and investigation, people with blood type O generally tend to be Gu family, and their genes carry seeds of romance and affection. In terms of filial piety, children with blood type O have a unique advantage over children with other blood types.

3. Independence of character, easy to deal with others

Many children are willing to pester their parents when they are young, and they don’t like to do it alone. Always ask their parents to accompany themselves, but children with blood type O are relatively less sticky. They He will be very thoughtful at a very young age, and can also do things independently when doing things. For example, some children continue to stick when their mothers are doing housework. They don’t listen to it, but children with blood type O will Better yet, if the parents are going to be busy, tell the child to let the child play for a while. At this time, the child will accept this situation and can concentrate on playing for a while.

Although the baby born by parents of type O blood has so many advantages, we have to admit that children with type O blood sometimes have a strong desire to control. They like to plan things at all times. Within the scope of their own control, although this desire to control will sometimes help you achieve many goals, it will inevitably make people around you feel too cold.

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