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The color of lochia after childbirth represents the health condition, this is the best

Many baby mothers will have a period of lochia after the baby is born. This is what every baby mother will experience. Compared with the baby and during pregnancy, there are not so many precautions, but they can not be ignored. The recovery is also a very important thing, and from the color of lochi we can see what the degree of maternal body recovery is, then as an expectant mother, do you know how the color of lochi represents the state of postpartum recovery? Next, I will help you to check the knowledge about lochia.

1. What is lochia after delivery?

Lochia refers to the viscous material discharged from the vagina by pregnant women after giving birth. Some people also call him lupus, which usually includes mucus, blood, necrotic decidual tissue and bacteria. The lochia usually discharged has a fishy smell because it is a substance composed of multiple components.

Under normal circumstances, the elimination cycle of lochia is four weeks, but there are exceptions, some people can be completed in two weeks, but some people need to continue until six weeks, these are normal phenomena, and are the only way for mothers to pass, so If the mothers feel that the period of their body's discharge of lochia is too long, they should calculate the period of their discharge of lochia. If it is too long, they must seek medical treatment in time.

The discharge of lochia has a cycle, which is generally divided into three cycles: bloody lochia, serous lochia and white lochia. These three periods are carried out in different periods, and also represent the physical recovery of the mother.

2. The appearance of lochi in different periods

The lochia discharged by the parturient at different times is different, as can be seen from the color and smell. The lochia at the beginning of the birth of the baby is bright red, because the blood produced in the mother’s body is not drained at this time, so the residual blood will be discharged at this time, so the moms who have just given birth are watching Don’t be nervous when there is blood in the lochia, but at this time, pay attention to supplementing the mother’s nutrition, especially the blood supplements, because the maternal not only bleeds during delivery, but also continues to lose part of the lochia after delivery. Blood volume.

In the middle of lochia, when the blood is removed, the color of lochia will change to light yellow. Light yellow means that the mother’s body has recovered to the middle stage. At this time, the mother only needs to pay attention to the daily hygiene problems. Remember to wash your body regularly so that bacteria will not grow. In the later period of lochia, lochia will become white. At this time, lochia is similar to leucorrhea, but the amount is more than leucorrhea. Far away.

In fact, every woman will encounter different conditions when she discharges lochia, but in general it is normal, we should pay special attention to how long the cycle of discharging lochia has been bleeding, because the long cycle may be the mother's Physical fitness is too weak, you need to be sent to the doctor at this time, and the corresponding nutritional supplements should be carried out under the guidance of the doctor. If there is too much bleeding, it needs to be paid more attention, because maternal bleeding will not only occur during the birth process It may happen during the delivery of lochia, so pay special attention to this problem during maternal recovery to prevent major bleeding.

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