Friday, July 3, 2020

The child's development is not stable, try these few actions to know

Every baby will have certain developmental standards when they reach a certain stage. If not, the new mothers should pay attention to:

One or three months old baby won't grasp

Have you ever encountered this situation, when you put your finger in the palm of your baby, the baby will hold your finger tightly. This is called "Darwin reflex" in medicine, but it refers to a primitive conditioned reflex. The specific performance is that the baby will habitually hold his hand into a fist, and when something is close to the child, he will subconsciously grasp it with his hands.

If the baby does not grasp the movement within three months, mothers should promptly ask the doctor to find the problem as early as possible to see if the baby's brain development and muscle and nerve problems.

Two, three months later, the baby will not suck his own hands

We all know that during the development of children, all organs have obvious "wake up" signs. 0~3 months is the baby's mouth period, this time the child's lips and mouth will be particularly sensitive. Just like a baby who instinctively sucks milk when he is born, a baby after 3 months will suck his fingers. Old people often tell their mothers to pay attention to which finger their child sucks. For example, eating a thumb will make them stupid and eating an index finger will be smart. This is nonsense and has no fundamental scientific basis, but it shows that the child has The habit of sucking fingers. Moreover, some mothers think that the child's fingers are not clean, and the fingers will eat bacteria, so they often take their hands out of the child's mouth.

Three or four months later, they will not look up at 45 degrees

Most novice mothers should be at the end of 80 or after 90. Everyone should be familiar with Guo Jingming's "Look at the sky at 45 degrees". In fact, the baby can do it in four months. If your baby is 4 months old, have you ever noticed that your baby can look up at 45 degrees?

The editor feels that as the child grows, he will gradually do some simple to complex movements. Moreover, each child's physique is different, and there are differences in development time, which is normal.

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