Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The child's 5 actions are telling parents that something is wrong

Since I had children, my parents couldn't rest their minds anymore. Especially when the child is too young to speak, it is the most difficult period for the parents. The child will not speak, not express, and cannot tell the parents immediately if there are any problems.

When the parents are afraid that the baby is sick, he does not notice it and makes the baby suffer more. Or some careless parents didn't take some of the child's small actions seriously at all, and finally caused irreparable harm to the child.

Whether it is too worried or too serious, the concept of parenting is not conducive to the development of the child. The correct method is to be a careful observation of the parents. Slowly, you will find that the baby can’t speak, but If he is unwell, he will have hints.

And once the baby has the following actions, it is telling the parents that there is a physical problem.


Always scratch my ears

The baby becomes very irritable and will scratch his ears from time to time, which indicates that the baby has a physical problem and needs to use this method to relieve his physical discomfort.

First of all, check your baby's body quickly to see if the clothes are causing the baby to feel uncomfortable. If you exclude the outside world, your parents should take your child to the hospital for a regular checkup.


Love to bite

When the baby suddenly becomes fond of biting, whether it is his finger or something that can be carried around him, the baby will put it in his mouth without hesitation.

This indicates that the baby may have reached the period of long teeth, the gums are swollen and itchy, and the baby feels very uncomfortable to relieve it by biting.

Many things in the outside world are actually not so hygienic. The children are young and the resistance is very low. It is a bad habit to stuff the things you see in front of your mouth directly, so if the baby has this situation , Parents can prepare a special molar stick for him.


Hit your head with your hands

If our adults feel a headache, they will think about it when they feel uncomfortable, and hit their heads with their hands to ease it.

The same is true for babies. If he has a headache or his head is uncomfortable, he may hit his head with his hand.

Therefore, parents should not be taken lightly when they see this action of the baby, and should take relevant actions as soon as possible to confirm the reason why the baby hit the head, and do not delay the baby and make the baby suffer more.



If the baby only occasionally grinds his teeth, there is no big problem, but if the baby often grinds his teeth when he falls asleep, it means that he has a physical problem.

It may be that the baby eats too much food, or there may be roundworms in the baby's stomach. Parents should take the baby to the doctor for treatment in time.


Rub one's own clothes

If the baby's skin is allergic, he will feel itching, and he can't help rubbing on the clothes to relieve the discomfort.

In summer, babies are prone to various skin problems due to hot weather and other reasons. Mothers should pay special attention.

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