Thursday, July 2, 2020

The child has a cold in winter, most of which is not frozen, and many parents ignore it for the real reason!

It seems that when the season changes, especially in autumn and winter, the pediatrics will be overcrowded. This kind of situation in the third floor and the third floor in the pediatric clinic will even lead to media interviews. Nowadays, most children do not have a hard time. Parents are afraid of thirst, hunger and freezing, but with such careful care, a large number of children still come to the hospital for colds in the winter. Many parents think that it is frozen, but is this really the case?

It's cold to add clothes, which seems to be a common sense that you don't need to learn. So as soon as the temperature drops, parents begin to add clothes to their children desperately, for fear of accidentally catching a cold. It’s not fine to raise children in the past. Even the rougher the more robust, the two cows can get a glimpse of the two cows. Up to now, the children are the babies of the family, of course, they must be precious and raised.

In fact, the proportion of colds caused by freezing is very low. This applies to all children, as well as those with poor health. Children are fun and playful, and their metabolic ability is exceptionally strong, and they are not afraid of being colder than adults. The child has much exercise and the sweat glands are well developed, so it is easy to sweat. The development of the child's body temperature regulation center and blood circulation control system is not perfect, so it is easy to sweat and catch colds.

How to reduce the chance of a child catching a cold, perhaps we can find some methods from the root point of sweating and cold.

Take a shower

Many parents are afraid that bathing in winter will cause their children to catch a cold. In fact, on the contrary, they will be more likely to catch a cold if they do not bathe and change clothes frequently. Children are prone to sweat. Change clothes and wash in time after sweating, otherwise the sweat will evaporate and take away the heat from the child, causing a cold. Clothes will also stick to your body, not only will you feel uncomfortable, but also easily breed bacteria and endanger the health of our children.

Choose your underwear

Our country seems to have no idea when it has become popular to wear pure cotton clothes. The general way of saying is that pure cotton clothes are comfortable and comfortable. Especially children with delicate skin should wear pure cotton clothes, so most grades of children on the market The clothes are made of pure cotton and are the best sellers. Compared with this, people in European and American countries seem to prefer non-cotton underwear. Because they think that the personal clothing worn in winter should care more about the perspiration function rather than blindly pursue thick warmth.

In addition to these two points, some other aspects of attention also have an important role in preventing children from getting colds:

Pay attention to ventilation

When the weather is cold, many families will close the doors and windows to keep them warm. This practice will cause indoor air turbidity and the breeding of germs, so don’t be reluctant to open the windows to ventilate. You can open the doors and windows for a period of time in the morning and noon. .

Balanced nutrition

Children's diet must be reasonable, many children hate eating vegetables and like to eat fried and other unhealthy foods, parents make trouble, but children always compromise. In this case, the child must not be indulged, and he should develop good eating habits. Eat more green healthy vegetables and various fruits to supplement vitamin C and other nutrients. But some parents blindly give their children some vitamin tablets and health care medicines, which is very undesirable. Under normal circumstances, a balanced diet will not lack vitamins and trace elements, but supplementing it is harmful!

Give your child more water

In daily life, children must develop a good habit of drinking water, drink less of these drinks. Human metabolism is inseparable from water, drink plenty of water can promote body metabolism.

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