Saturday, July 4, 2020

The body has these three feelings that the fetus has been put into the basin

At the end of pregnancy, if the fetus enters the basin smoothly, it means that you are one step closer to "unloading". But for the novice pregnant mother who is pregnant for the first time, wanting to judge whether the fetus is in the basin is completely ignorant.

At this time, if these three feelings appear in your body, it means that the fetus has been put into the basin, and you can be ready to "unload".

Reduced pressure on upper abdomen, with a sense of falling pain

Since the position of the fetus in the body came from the upper upper abdomen to the position of the pelvis, pregnant mothers can clearly feel that their stomachs have no feeling of swelling, and their appetite has also increased a lot compared with before. The pressure on the heart is also much smaller, and it feels easier to breathe.

However, as the position of the fetus moves down, the pressure on the pubic bone near the pelvis increases, and the pregnant mother will feel that the position of the pubic bone is more and more painful.

Increased frequency of urination

Fetal position is lowered, although some body organs in the upper abdomen are "liberated", the bladder in the lower abdomen is inevitably compressed, which leads to a decrease in the amount of urine that can be stored and the number of times the pregnant mother goes to the bathroom .

But at this time, pregnant mothers should not reduce the amount of water they drink in order to take a few steps. At this time, rashly reducing the amount of water intake may make the body lack of water, which will affect the fetus in this last period. Time development.

Fetal movement decreased

Now the fetal head has begun to enter the pregnant mother’s pelvis, and the space available for the fetus will be much smaller than before, so during this period, the pregnant mother can feel the fetal activity while counting the fetuses. Continue, but the fetal activity will be less than before.

Note that although the fetal activity is slightly reduced at this time, the fetus is still active. Pregnant mothers should not be taken lightly.

But the fetus into the basin does not mean delivery

Generally speaking, after having the feeling of entering the basin, the primiparous woman will be able to give birth within 2 to 3 weeks, and the pregnant mother who gave birth will start giving birth after entering the basin. But because each pregnant mother's physique is different, these claims are not absolute.

So if the fetus does not move for a period of time after entering the basin, the pregnant mother does not have to be particularly nervous, and actively cooperates with the doctor's examination, because entering the basin only means that the baby is about to give birth, and has not yet reached the step of delivery, relax the mood, believe the baby It will still be born smoothly.

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