Monday, July 20, 2020

The birth of sex masochism, the psychology of sex masochism

In sex life, many people will have some undesirable situations during sex. Some people have many hobbies that are very difficult to understand. For example, they like to abuse their sexual partners, and many people like to be abused. SM. Everyone does not understand such a situation, so it is necessary to explain to you the psychology of sexual masochism and the reasons why a few sexual masochism occur.

The psychology of sexual masochism

What is masochism?

Sexual masochism is to feel happy through pain, which is a kind of SM, namely Sadism (sexual abuse) and Masochism (being abused).

So far, the reasons for the formation of sexual abuse are not very clear. The sexologist Ellis pointed out that there may be two explanations for a person’s sexual drive to abuse:

First, whether you add pain to others or yourself, this kind of abuse tendency is part of the original courtship process, because some low-level animals often exhibit various sadistic and masochistic behaviors. The most common is that the rooster bites the feathers on top of the hen's head during mating.

Second, some men with sexual dysfunction want to use it to achieve some aphrodisiac and entertainment effects in order to achieve the purpose of satisfying sexual desire. In previous years, newspapers and other news media reported that many criminals injuring female buttocks with awl, fruit knives, and sulfuric acid had sexual problems.

Of course, regarding sexual masochism, there are still many issues to be further explored and resolved. The real cause of this strange sexual perversion is not clear. Although there are many theories to explain, none of them touches on the nature of abuse. Sexual abuse is pathological. In fact, in the sex life of normal adults, sometimes mild beating, scolding, biting, pinching and other behaviors occur during sex. If there is no excessive harm and not relying on these behaviors to arouse sexual excitement, it is not a torture disorder. A normal physiological phenomenon. This is a kind of abnormal behavior and a kind of abnormal thinking. Many people encounter some problems in life, so during sex, they feel that they have found themselves. They think this situation is easy to enjoy. This It is a perverted thought, so everyone needs to pay attention to understanding, and pay attention to behavioral therapy in daily life to correct it in time.

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