Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The baby's small hand with long barbs may be caused by these reasons

After the baby can crawl, especially after learning to walk, there will be a few barbs on the tender little hands from time to time. Sometimes the baby will touch it curiously, or pinch it with small nails. What is it? The reason, why is the baby still so small, there are barbs on his hands? Parents must know these reasons.

Vitamin C deficiency

This is something that many parents do not know. Some babies in the daily diet, because of picky eating, partial eclipse and other reasons, if they do not take enough vitamin C, it is easy to grow barbs. If the sting is caused by this reason, parents should pay attention to improve the baby's diet, try to make the baby's nutrition balanced, you can properly add more fruits and vegetables to the baby, increase vitamin C intake, if the baby vitamin C If the deficiency is serious, some vitamin C lozenges can also be taken appropriately.

Baby naughty

This is the most common reason that ordinary parents think of. Indeed, after the baby can walk, he is curious about everything, seeing everything he wants to touch, play with, or even scratch, so that one or two times will inevitably have barbs on the small hand. If this is the reason, parents Don’t worry too much, this shows that the baby only appears because of playful and active barbs. At this time, all the parents have to do is to ensure that the objects that the baby is easy to contact in daily activities should be safe, the surface should be smooth, and try to avoid the occurrence of barbs.

Unreasonable nail trimming

Another reason that many parents overlook is that parents do not trim their babies' nails well. Originally, cutting nails for babies was not easy. Sometimes, when they encountered crying and uncooperative parents, We can't cut well if we are anxious, and this situation can easily breed barbs.

Knowing that unreasonable nail trimming can cause barbs, parents should pay attention to that they must not be strong when cutting nails for their babies, be patient, and do not trim the nails too short. If you find that your baby has long stings, Do not pull hard, you can use small scissors to trim properly, but you must pay attention to safety.

The baby has long barbs on the hand. On the whole, this matter is very common. Parents don’t have to worry too much, just need to take some precautions, and then deal with them when they are found. A second injury is enough. But it is not ruled out that if the barb is caused by the third reason mentioned above, then parents should pay attention to it. If the baby lacks trace elements, long barb is only one of the insignificant effects, and the serious lack will also affect the baby. Growth.

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